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She stepped into the shower all the while trying her best to ignore the bathtub and stop her super active imagination from imagining things she knew were not very decent.

After the shower she draped a white fluffy towel around her body and slowly opened the bathroom door, wide enough to just be able to peek into the room. Aaron was no where in the room so she slowly stepped out of the bathroom and ran towards her bag.

"Why is my bag empty?"she frowned. "Oh yeah! maybe someone has put my clothes in the closet." she looked into the cupboard and it was stacked with her clothes.

She rummaged through the cupboard to find something to wear but except for her dress that she wore on Ada's birthday party, the peach dress she wore the previous day and a pair of pyjamas there was nothing else that belonged to Livia. All the clothes belonged to her sister Ada which she wore just once and then threw them away.

Livia gave out a small sarcastic laugh. Her parents, after forcing her to marry a stranger had filled the suitcases for her with their dear daughter's old clothes.

''Nevermind. I'll just wear something from this."she finally decided to wear a summer dress.

The dress looked beautiful though it was hugging her curves a bit too tightly but she tried to ignore this as she had no other choice.

Livia heard Aaron's voice coming from the next room. When she went there Aaron was looking out of the window. One hand in pocket and with the other he was holding his phone close to his ear and was quite busy in barking his orders to the poor soul who was at the other end.

It was as if he felt Livia's presence he turned around and his eyes with hers. He then gestured towards the table that was covered with food and asked the person on the phone to call later.
They both sat for the breakfast.

"I wasn't sure about what you would like to eat so I ordered all the best dishes of the hotel."

"Uhh..don't you think it's a bit too much for the two of us?"

"So you better finish it all."
" I am not a glutton!"

Aaron served some of the dishes to her and then began eating. Livia couldn't help but notice his long fingers.

'Can someone look so handsome while eating? He is an eye candy and will be a perfect model for any agency. Ada also wanted to be a model. If he would have married her he would have got the full ownership of the hotel.' Livia  was so busy in her thoughts that she had hardly taken a bite and was just pushing the food around her plate.

"What's going on in that beautiful head of yours now ?"
It was then that Livia realised that Aaron was watching her all the time.

"Nothing important." she replied hastily.

"I would like to listen even if it's not important."

And as always Livia couldn't keep this worry to herself and ended up asking,"If you'd had married Ada then you would have gained around 80% of the shares and then ultimately the entire hotel in a few years. Why didn't you wait for her?"

"Aaron Rodriguez never wait for anyone, Livia. And as for the hotel shares I told you before and I am telling you now again if I want I can buy that hotel right away but I want to keep it clean and that's why I am using a way that's not messy." Aaron answered while eating "And as for Ada, I don't feel any anger or hatred towards her because I got you."

'The words he said so lightly in the end 'I got you' did he even know the meaning of them?' Livia wondered. And for some reason her heart skipped a beat at his last comment.
'No, I have to be practical and not to get carried away by what he says. He sure want something from me and in exchange of that I will ask for my freedom.'

"What do you want me to do then, Aaron?"  she asked feeling frustrated with him and with herself as she didn't knew where she was in this marriage.

" I just want you to act as my dutiful wife, attend the parties, treat my business colleagues nicely and do what I say and-"

"and ignore all the rumours of you being a hardcore Playboy. Ignore if you appear on a magazine with some thin chic on its cover. Right?" Livia taunted angrily.

Aaron stopped eating and looked at the spoon in his hand for a few seconds before finally replying,"Yes, that's what you are supposed to do."

Listening to this Livia lost the cool composure that she was fighting so hard to maintain. She put her spoon down and looked at him angrily while Aaron was still busy with his food, his eyes never leaving his plate as if someone might snatch his plate if he lifted his eyes from it.

"Very well then! Well, I too have a life. So you enjoy yours and I'll enjoy mine." this comment of Livia made Aaron frown but he still didn't look up.

"If you can find your love interest outside this marriage then I might as well invite a few lovers in." this comment really got Aaron's attention and he looked at Livia with angry eyes.

"Don't forget that you are Mrs Livia Aaron Rodriguez now and not Livia Smith." Aaron said angrily.

"Then you also need to remember that you are married now and not a free bird." she didn't want a husband whose affairs with models and heiresses were always on the cover page of magazines.

"Livia, I am very discreet with my affairs you don't have to worry about it."

" I can also follow a discrete lifestyle. You can't expect me to stay like this." she waved her hands in the air. "It's just no fun living like this and why should only you have all the fun and privileges."
she didn't even knew why she was discussing a topic like this with Aaron when she herself was an inexperienced  virgin!

'But being able to see his face changing emotions, I feel so satisfied. Even though he  is giving murderous looks to me it's hard to stop. I can't seem to stop myself.'

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