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"My bride is as beautiful as she is kind.'' Livia heard Aaron's voice and realised a hand on her waist. She looked at him but he was looking at Alicia. ''And you of all people are well aware of her kindness."

There was a harsh tone in his voice and Livia wondered if he was taking a stand for her. And just the thought of him trying to protect her and take a stand for her made her heart skip a beat.

'No!' she stopped herself again. 'Stop being a fool! He feels nothing for you. You met him just once and that's all. And don't ever forget that you were never his choice.'

"Now if you allow I would like a dance with my lovely bride." Aaron looked at Livia and extended his hand to her. She looked at him and then at his hand and finally placed her hand in his not sure why but maybe because he had taken a stand for her. And he whisked her to the dance floor.

They were on the dance floor now, moving to the soft music. Even though she had lowered her gaze she knew well enough that Aaron was looking at her. Even though she was trying her best to ignore how close they were and that their bodies were touching each other's she couldn't help but feel the heat emanating from his body. And this was scary! She didn't want to feel this for a playboy.
'Who is now your husband,'a voice in her commented.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Her thoughts were interrupted by that dark rich voice of the man whom she belonged to now.
"Nothing interesting." she replied trying to ignore meeting his eyes.

She wasn't sure why she was keeping her gaze low. She wasn't feeling shy of Course, even though she could feel her body heating and face blushing but she wasn't feeling shy. At least that is what she told herself.

But then she decided that maybe it was because she was scared of the questions he might ask. But it wasn't her fault that they had married. She had tried her best to avoid this marriage. She had even faced a slap from her stepmother whose marks were carefully hidden from people's eyes by layers of makeup. But Aaron had a damn well choice. He could have disagreed to accept her, he had the right to say no but he had kissed her-a kiss that she knew she will never be able to forget. So this was all his fault that they were married now and not hers.

"Livia" she heard her name. She squared her shoulders and cleared her throat as if she was getting herself ready for a tough interview. Then she finally looked at him and regretted her decision to look into his eyes.

His eyes had a magnetic pull and she could feel herself drowning in them. She hated herself for that. The man in front of her could have become a famous model if not a successful businessman. With his dark brown hair and that sculpted jaw, the lips which she had seen curving into a sexy smile, how they would taste, she wondered. She was sure that beneath that tailored suit of his he might have a body to die for. He was everything that made him a perfect 'prince Charming' that every girl dreamed of. She blushed at the direction of her thoughts.
'But he isn't my prince charming of course! And he might never be.'

"Yes?"she finally found her voice and tried not look intimidated though the truth was otherwise.

Looking at her show of confidence Aaron smirked and then asked,"Would you mind telling me how come you appeared dressed in white when it should have been-"

"Ada?" she raised her brow. This was insulting but she would not back down without replying. "Well, I am not sure if you will trust me or not but I never wanted this marriage. I tried my best to convince my parents to tell you that that Ada had left and not to drag me in this but I was forced into this marriage."

Even though her voice was low, only for him to hear but it was filled with anger. "But unlike me you had a damn well choice to stop this marriage but you didn't. Now may I know why you didn't say no?"

Aaron's face hardened." I hope you weren't expecting me to scream and shout in between the wedding as to where the girl I was going to marry is. I am a businessman Livia. I make deals and profits. Emotions aren't my thing."

She could feel his breath on her face. He was that close to her and she could also feel the anger emanating from him.

For someone in the audience, she knew they were looking like a couple so much in love but the reality was something else. The song finally ended. They ate their wedding breakfast though Livia could hardly eat anything. Then she was made to sign some papers which she didn't bother to read because she knew she doesn't have millions that someone might steal from her. She had already sold her marriage and a dream of love for her father's sake. A father who never acknowledged her as his daughter ever before. She was tired and had no energy left in her to pay attention as to what was written in the papers she was signing. She just wanted to get this done with.

Finally they were leaving. Aaron opened the door of the limo that was waiting for them and helped her inside and then went to take his seat. The driver started the engine and now they were leaving through the crowd of the cheering people and reporters.

Soon they were out of all the commotion and Aaron's phone started ringing. He took the call and started discussing the business that needed his attention.
Livia too tried to shift her attention to the world outside but she was too lost in her thoughts to notice anything.

Even if she had never had a happy family and a memorable childhood she still had dreamed of happiness. Even if the only person who had ever truly loved her-her mother, had left the world when she was only 6 and even when the only family she was left with, her father, had ignored her she still had dreamed of a happy family and love.

But then not everybody's dreams come true and Livia's dream of a happy marriage and love had been crushed ruthlessly by her own father when he sold his daughter for the sake of his business.

But what had Aaron gained from this marriage? Not wealth of course. She had nothing on her name. She remember very well when Alicia, her stepmother, had made it very clear to her that the villa, all the property and the business everything was for her daughter, Ada and there's nothing for Livia. She had very clearly said that Livia was nothing but just a burden and an eyesore.

'How would Aaron react when he will realise that he gained nothing from this marriage?' she wondered and the thought of his reaction made her shiver..

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