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"Whom are you trying to shut now?"Aaron asked entering the room.

" one."

"So you really are taking notes? Show me." Aaron tried to take the notepad but before he could do so Livia tucked it beside her.

"The more you will try to hide it, the more I will want to read it."he smiled as if challenging her.

"You can't!"

"Of course, I can." he finally got the hold of that notepad and Livia jumped up at her feet in a vain attempt to get it back.

6 feet 3 inches vs poor 5 feet 2 inches, the outcome was already decided. The more she will try to jump up to him to get that notepad, the higher he will put that notepad up in the air.

"Why are you even trying ?"

"Just give it back to me!"

"I have to read it tomorrow too so it won't harm if I did it a day earlier."

"No you can't! Give it back."

They both didn't realised that in an attempt to get that notepad they were standing so close to each other that their bodies were touching now and when Livia realised this she hurriedly took a step back but lost her balance and she along with Aaron at top of her landed on the bed. Now they were closer than before. Their eyes met and Livia blushed both at a loss what to do.
She hurriedly took the notepad from his hand and started pushing him.
"Move you are too heavy."
He got up and helped her to sit.

"Go to sleep now it's 12:00 am already."

He went to his side of the bed and lied there. Livia too arranged the line of pillows to form her safe border.

Aaron turned towards Livia and placed his hand under his head.
"How strong is this border of pillows exactly is, Livia?"

Livia looked at him and said,"Don't you dare to cross it."

"I won't cross it of course. I am a man of my words but what about you?"

"Stop giving yourself so much importance." Livia lied on her side. She wanted to talk about the outrageous terms of prenup right now but she was so tired and moreover she didn't want to repeat the morning scene again. So she decided to deal with it the next day.

"It isn't that bad to give yourself a little importance because giving too much importance to someone who doesn't deserve it ruins you and giving importance to what people might think ruins your happiness. So Mrs Livia Rodriguez, learn to give yourself some importance. Good night."saying this Aaron switched off the light.

'He is right. I gave my dad too much importance and for most of the initial years of my life I tried to be how people wanted to see me. They always compared me to my sister and doesn't matter what ever I did I was always seen as a less worthy one. I was always invisible to them.' Livia smiled at her stupidity.
'But today Aaron really taught me one very important lesson. He isn't that bad or ruthless as people say. Maybe if we talk to each other in this friendly manner we will be able to go through this marriage... as friends.'
"Good night Aaron." she wished him good night and finally closed her eyes and allowed the sleep to embrace her.


Next morning Livia was sitting in front of Aaron in his study and now they were about to begin with the negotiation.
'Keep your eyes and ears open, Livia. This is your chance.'

"Start now." Aaron said.

"It says that I am supposed to be there anytime anywhere for you. Whenever you need me."
"But what if I have something very important to do. I too have my own business."

Aaron looked at her and said," I don't think you run any multinational company or some very important firm."

She looked at him not liking the way he replied.
"Mr Rodriguez, I too have my life and-"

" I'll think about this." Aaron replied.

Livia wasn't sure if Aaron really meant it when he said he'll think about it but she decided if he didn't then she won't go easy on him.

"It says that my clothing style must suit the taste of my husband."
"It's my life so it should be my choice and decision as what I want to wear or not."

Aaron looked at her and calmly replied "But when you are with me you are representing me, Livia. You are not Livia Smith but Livia Aaron Rodriguez. You are my wife now so you have to look presentable."

"Do you want to say that my dressing style is not good enough?" Livia was losing her cool now. How dare he!

" I never said that but you need to improve it a bit." He said and she felt hurt at this and now she was really angry.

"It says that I am not allowed to intrude your privacy. But what about you? You also have to promise the same that you will not intrude my privacy."

Aaron looked at her for a moment and then finally replied,"As long as you don't do something stupid I won't interfere. of course it's your life. You can live as you want."
Livia looked at him and she wasn't sure if he agreed to her or was she still working as to what he wants.

"It says that I am not allowed to wear any mini skirts outside house."
She had no idea why she was discussing this part because she never really liked small clothes because they were just too revealing so she was not really used to them. But at this point of time maybe she just wanted to argue with him. She was angry because she was not sure if she was getting her way.

Aaron looked at her and in that calm and composed tone he said,"Do I need to remind you once again that you are my wife now. You can't roam around in mini skirts. You are not a school girl anymore."


Livia felt like a child reprimanded. She was frustrated with all this while Aaron was still sitting calmly. And she hated this.

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