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Aaron smiled watching Livia eat. He never knew  watching someone eating  would give him such pleasure and happiness.

"Why have you ordered so much. Aren't you going to eat?" Livia asked.
"No, I'm already full."
"Then why have you ordered so much?"
"For you."
"Do you think I'm a glutton?"Livia asked wide eyed.

Aaron chuckled at this."No but I just can't remember if you ate well on your wedding breakfast or at the party tonight. When was the last time you ate your meal properly?"

Livia frowned at this because he was right. She hadn't eaten properly these past few days.
"Stop thinking so much now and just concentrate on your food."
"Yes boss."

Aaron took out his phone and started messaging someone.
'Whom is he messaging?' Livia wondered.
'His girlfriend maybe or his mistress.' an inner voice quipped.

For some reason it hurt Livia and she didn't know why?
'Can a playboy really be so caring and nice to you that he even remember you didn't eat well?'
'Just stop it Livia! Stop driving yourself crazy and eat your meal.'

When Livia was done Aaron paid the bill and they walked out of the restaurant. By the time they reached the hotel Livia was already feeling sleepy.

As Aaron was opening the door to their suite, a girl came and handed Aaron two folders.

' he was messaging for work and not his mistress.' Livia smiled to herself. 'Are you feeling happy about this?' the inner voice  started again.
'Nope what does it has to do with me? He can do whatever he wants. As if I care.'

They entered the room and Livia started walking towards the bathroom when Aaron called from behind.
She stopped and turned to look at him.

"Here, this is for you." he said while  pushing a folder towards her. She looked at him questioningly.

"You didn't read the prenup so here is a copy of it. You can read it and we will talk about it if you want some changes in this."

Livia's frowning brows changed to a happy smile.
"Are you saying that we will negotiate?"
"But I will call the final shots."Aaron said.
Livia took the folder from him happily.

"You change first and then read it. Then we can discuss it later ."

"No, we will discuss it now. It's a business matter."
'Moreover if I stayed around you in my pyjamas I might not even be able to concentrate. You are dangerous for my strong concentration and willpower.'she thought.

"Then you read it tonight and we will discuss it tomorrow morning."


"I will change first." Aaron went to the bathroom and Livia sat on her bed with the folder in her hands.

She was scared to open it. It felt just like getting your term end report card where you know you have to open it to know your performance but you are scared to do so.

"I'll just take a shower first and then I'll open it.''she decided.

Aaron went to his  study after changing and Livia entered the bath. She needed a clear mind to solve this matter.
'You can do it Livia. After your good  performance at the party tonight  he has agreed for the negotiation. It's a golden opportunity so don't miss it.'

She wore her pyjamas and a loose shirt one of the very few belongings she had brought with her. She climbed on the bed and took the folder in her hands.
' it's time. You can do it Livia.'
she took a deep breath and started opening the folder.
'Oh wait! I just forgot something really important.'

She rushed to the other room and found Aaron lying back on his chair. His feet rested on a small table. He was holding a file in one hand and wine in another.

'How can someone look so devastatingly handsome even in a bathrobe?' she wondered.
'Livia focus!'

she knocked at the door and Aaron looked up.

"Would you please give me a pen and a notepad too, if you have it."

"Here " he handed her over a small notepad and a pen.
"Thanks."she took it and started moving towards the bedroom and stopped when Aaron called from behind.

"Wait a minute."


"Are you going to take notes or something?"

She looked at him. She didn't want to answer because she knew well enough that he would laugh.
"It doesn't have anything to do with you."

He chuckled.
"So you really are going to take some notes. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out you were a straight A student in your class. But still who takes the notes in a prenup, Livia?"

'He sure have great observation skills.'
"Focus on your own work Mr Rodriguez." with this she left.

"Finally." she sat on the bed and took the folder in her hands, taking a deep breath she slowly opened it.
"Why are there so many pages? Gosh, let's read it anyway."

Other than the usual stuff she had heard is present in prenups some of the most shocking clauses she found were-

"You have to be present anytime, anywhere for your husband. Whenever he needs you."
'Am I his servant?'

"Your clothing style must suit the taste of your husband."
'It's my Life, my choice. I am never gonna agree to this.'

"You are not allowed to intrude in your husband's privacy."
'Why would I? But he is supposed to respect my privacy as well.'

"Whatever your husband says is law." 'come on. Can you be any more ridiculous?'

"You are not allowed to wear mini skirts outside of house."
'Well yes he is really ridiculous. Even though I don't wear mini skirts but who is he to say what I can wear and what not.'

"You can't have any extra marital affairs."
'Why would I have any? It should be him you should be telling this to.

"If you are found having an affair then you will lose your marriage, lose 50% of shares of your hotel and won't get anything from Aaron."
'Those shares were never mine. So it doesn't really matter whether I have them or lose them.'

"If you have a child with other man, Aaron will not be responsible for bringing him up. You will not get even a single penny from him."
'This is going too far. If I ever have a child it will be out of love and I am more than capable of raising a child on my own. I don't need anyone else.'

"If you played  the role of a wife well then you will get $10,000 every month."
' I don't need it but he sure is rich enough.'

"You will never go anywhere or do anything without telling him."
'Is he a paranoid? Next he will want me to ask him first if I can breathe or not!"

"You will have to take a body guard with you whenever you go out."
'I don't want Aaron's spies around me.'

"You will not try to get intimate with him."
'seriously? Yeah!  actually it's me who is binding him to me to sleep in this bed and I am dying to have intimate relationship with him. Who does he think he is?  Brad Pitt or Tom cruise ? He is such a narcissist.'

'But he is a hot narcissist.' the inner voice came to surface again.
''Shut up!''

"Whom are you trying to shut now?"
Aaron asked entering the room.

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