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"If you keep struggling like this then I'll just throw you on the ground."
"No!" Livia quickly put her arms tightly around Aaron's neck.

"Then be a good girl and stop moving." he ordered.

'Just this once I'll let him have his way.' Livia thought. 'I am way too tired to have a fight over this. I can't really trust him, if I argued more I'm sure he'll really throw me on the ground. So it's better to be quiet.'

So with this thought Livia relaxed a bit and relaxed her arms around Aaron's neck but she couldn't stop feeling shy as they were putting quite a show for his driver and his crew. She turned her flushed face into his chest. Then she slowly looked up his hard chest and arrogant chin and there she saw a hint of smile on his lips.


As they entered Aaron's private plane he put her down and told her to take her seat and himself got engaged in some important talk to his crew. She took the seat that he had pointed to and started to observe her surroundings. The interior of the plane was amazing. She was impressed by what she saw. 'Wow...he is really rich.'
This was the first time she was in a private plane.

"You need some help?" one of the crew attendant asked.

'Even his crew members are handsome.'

"Uh.. no I am fine. Thank you."

"Very well. The flight will take off in a few minutes, please fasten your seatbelt." the attendant said.

Livia's whole body was aching in that gown as it was not her size and not possibly her choice as it was a bit too revealing. She sighed, too tired to even buckle up the seatbelt.

"Let me help you." the handsome Mr attendant offered.

Then he bent forward before she could stop him and just as he was about to reach for her seatbelt a hand stopped him. Livia and the attendant, both looked up and saw Aaron who wasn't looking very happy.

" I can help my wife with that. You go and check we are ready to fly or not. I don't like late." Aaron told the attendant with that hard tone which Livia was sure had the attendant scared for his job.
'Poor guy.'

The attendant left and then Aaron took the seatbelt and tied Livia a bit too tightly.
"Ouch..." Livia took a sharp breath. With Aaron so close to her Livia could hear her heart beating in her ears.

Aaron leaned forward and said in a low and threatening voice," Now listen to me very clearly Livia, you are now Mrs Livia Aaron Rodriguez. So you better be careful with your actions."

'Why do I feel like a child who is being reprimanded for his wrong doing.'
"But what did I do?" she asked him.

"You know well enough."

"No I don't know!"

"Mrs. Livia Aaron Rodriguez, you are my wife so the only person you should look at, talk to and think about should be just me and me alone."

'Are you jealous?' Livia wanted to ask but pursed her lips to stop the words from coming out.

"I didn't do anything wrong." she said quietly.

"Mr Rodriguez, we are ready." an attendant informed.

"Ok." Aaron got up to his feet and nodded to the attendant, a girl this time who was eyeing her husband, Livia noted. Aaron took his seat and tied his seatbelt.
When the plane was in air, Aaron removed his seat belt and helped Livia with hers.

'I thought he will keep me tied like this till we reach the destination.' Livia sighed.

An attendant came and handed over a bag to Aaron.
"That's my bag!" This small bag which had only two dresses, her pyjamas and toiletries, were the only things that she had brought for the wedding. She was supposed to leave as soon as the wedding was over though what happened in the end was unexpected.

"Go and change the gown." Aaron handed her the bag and then his eyes lit brightly and that made Livia frown.

"Change it quickly... unless you want to land in our honeymoon destination in this gown and then consummate our marriage there in this gown." Livia's eyes widened at his audacity. But ignoring her reaction he continued.
"But if you want we can consummate our marriage here on the plane too. I won't mind." he winked at her giving her a devilish smile.

"Shameless!"she literally ran as fast as she could in that gown towards the bathroom.
He laughed and resumed his seat and heard the opening and closing of the bathroom door.

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