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'He is right. My back is aching and there's no couch here.'
"Ok." she slept in that small little space that Aaron had emptied for her.
'Such a back hurts.' she moved her shoulders and stretched a little.

"What are you looking at?" she found Aaron staring at her.

"Nothing." he replied.

"Go to sleep then it's 2 o'clock. Good night."

"Goodnight." Aaron smiled.


Livia felt something warm touching her back. She smiled and turned towards the source of warmth then suddenly her eyes flew open. "Aaron!"

"Good morning." Aaron was looking at her. And like it always happened this time too she had cuddled into him.

Livia quickly pulled away from him and sat up.
"Good morning. Are you ok? Does it hurt somewhere?"

"No I am alright." Aaron replied. "You freshen up and come downstairs."
Livia nodded her head.

After the shower she wore the same dress she was wearing the day before and went downstairs to look for Aaron. He was sitting with the elderly couple and was having breakfast.

"Mrs Rodriguez, you are just in time"the old woman, Mrs Brown, called "Come, sit  here."

"Good morning. Let me help you."

"Don't worry it's almost done. You just take your seat." she showed  her a seat near Aaron.

"Yesterday your wife was really worried for you Mr Rodriguez." the old lady continued as she took her seat, " she really loves you. You are lucky to have such a beautiful and kind wife."

Aaron looked at Livia and smiled,"hmm.. I think we share the same thoughts. It's just that she doesn't know."

Livia looked at him and didn't know what to think of this because he doesn't mean even a single word he is saying. This is just a show and nothing else.

"Mr Rodriguez," the old man, Mr brown called to Aaron . ''I think you should stay here for 2- 3 days because according to the weather forecast there will be heavy rains during the next few days and moreover you are hurt so you get some rest here and once the weather permits you can go back."

"I hope we are not intruding." Aaron said  politely.

' this man can be polite...I never knew.'

"No, not at all. It's good to have young people around. I am bored nowadays." said Mrs Brown.

"I have sent your car for repair and your luggage is here so you can stay here comfortably."

"Thanks a lot for all you have done." Livia thanked the couple once again.

The day went in a haze. Men talked about business, politics, sports and fishing while Livia and Mrs Brown were busy with their apple pies. They had their last supper and everyone retired to their room. Livia helped Mrs Brown in the kitchen and when she reached her room Aaron was already asleep. She kept the water bottle on the side table and slowly picked up the small bag Mrs Goodwill had prepared for her.

The lights of the room were off and only light in the room was that coming from lamps beside the bed. She went to the bathroom and opened her bag and after 10 minutes of frantic search the only thing that was in her hand was a nightie- a red coloured silk spaghetti strap sleepwear Nightie and to be more precise it looked as if the bigger purpose of this sleepwear was not to provide a comfortable sleep but to seduce someone and doesn't matter how many times she search that bag there was not even a single thread of her pyjamas or the oversized top which she usually preferred... especially around Aaron. Rather the bag was filled with all types of silky and designer lingerie and Nighties.

''Dear Mrs Goodwill, what exactly were you thinking about while packing my bag? Oh God! what should I do now? I don't want to go near Aaron wearing something like this - so revealing and seductive. But I can't even ask Mrs Brown for a nightgown.She might be asleep by now and I don't want to disturb her.'' Livia sighed in helplessness.
'It's ok Livia, Aaron is sleeping. You just have to stick to your side of the bed and stay as far away from him as possible and you just have to wake up earlier than him in the morning and change into your - a bit more representable clothes.' with the final decision made she brushed her teeth, cleaned herself and changed into that nightie.

She slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked into the bedroom. Aaron was still sleeping so she slowly stepped out of the bathroom and went to her side of the bed. But just as she was about to switch  the lights off from her side Aaron opened his eyes.

"You are lat-" his voice trailed off when he saw what she was wearing.

Livia blushed at the intensity of his gaze but she still tried to keep her composure and said,"What are you looking at?"She quickly switched off the light but the moon was still lighting half of the room

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Livia blushed at the intensity of his gaze but she still tried to keep her composure and said,"What are you looking at?"
She quickly switched off the light but the moon was still lighting half of the room. She got into her side of the bed and turned to her side with her back towards Aaron.
"Go back to sleep. We have to wake up early. Good night."
She was trying hard to sound calm but failed miserably to keep the nervousness out of her voice.

"There is no border of pillows here. What if-"

"Then you just imagine one and don't even think about crossing it."

"It isn't me who crosses the border." Aaron replied.
Livia knew he was right so she said nothing.

"Your dress looks nice though."

Livia was turning red now.
"It wasn't my choice and I haven't packed this stuff."

"I should increase Mrs Goodwill's salary."
"Can't you just go to sleep?" Livia was getting frustrated now.

"No it's hard to fall asleep." Aaron replied.

With Aaron staring her like this  Livia was so nervous that even she couldn't sleep. So she decided to shift her and especially Aaron's attention towards something else.

"What's that burnt mark on your chest?"

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