A Bonus Chapter?

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The first and the most important thing. I changed my username from sunshinee561  to _aadyawrites
My pen name is Aadya Ariya (How's it? I'm nervous 😅 damn!!).
So don't freak out if you don't find sunshinee561 written beneath Aadya.

If you are a first-time reader, I welcome you, precious😇. Please come back to this page after you are done reading the book. Happy reading!! 🥰💕


Now that you are here, please answer a few questions. 😊 After reading my books there might be some parts that confused you so feel free to ask the questions you have about these stories. Please answer in inline comments.

1. The forced bride of Rodriguez

2. It began with a kiss

3. A promise to the beloved

I'm not saying I'll answer these questions today. But I'll answer them all when the time is right. Sometime soon, I mean. 😇

😽Now that you are still reading, answer one more question

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😽Now that you are still reading, answer one more question. Suggest to me what more genres in the romance category you'd like me to explore and also vote in front of the one you like.

1. School romance

2. Paranormal romance (vampires/werewolf)

3. Office romance

4. Romantic comedy (like "It began with a kiss")

4. Forced marriage (like "The forced bride of Rodriguez)

5. Isekai (FL travelling to another world and falling in love with ML or we can try vice versa, maybe)

6. LGBT  (I've never read any story but I'd love to try some. So if you have some suggestions feel free to tell me).

7. More (please write in inline comments the type I've missed and others can vote for the comment they agree with)

I'm not saying I'll sit right away and start with these books bcz the life of this writer is pretty messed up as of now. But I'll write of course, soon. As of now, I'm on hiatus. 😅


If you want to talk to the writer then message her on Instagram _aadyawrites  (please remember the underscore " _ " before my username and make sure the person has Aadya Ariya written in the name)
I may be more active in that part of the world.

Please note that the Writer wrote this page under the influence of Melatonin so she apologizes if your expectations went 📈📉📈📉 📈

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