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"Mr Rodriguez?"

He called his wife,"Bella ! come quick. Help this lady to take him upstairs."

Aaron was still half conscious when they put him on the bed upstairs.

The old man came with his medical kit. In the meanwhile Livia had cleaned Aaron's wounds.

"Don't worry. I can handle this." the old man tended to Aaron's wounds.
"You don't have to worry much. He has lost some blood but there's nothing to worry about. He is out of danger."

The old woman patted Livia's shoulder "Don't worry, my husband knows medicine. If he says your husband is alright then it's true."

"Thanks a lot for helping us." Livia thanked the old couple.

"Don't worry, Mrs Rodriguez, its alright." the old man replied.

"You know us?" Livia questioned.

"Yes. I know Mr Rodriguez. He wants to buy our house."

'So this was the couple Aaron was talking about.' Livia didn't know how to reply. She felt guilty for some reason.
"Aaron just wanted to show me around here so-"

"Don't worry," the old woman laughed "you don't have to be so flustered."

"He might have a fever in the next few hours. If that happens just place wet bandages on his head and wipe the sweat from his body."said the old man.

"Ok thanks."

"And if he asks for something to eat then just cook some porridge for him. I will leave the ingredients on kitchen table so you don't have to search for it. Use the kitchen at your will."said the old woman.

''Thanks a lot."

"It's alright. Do you want to eat something?"

"No... I am alright thank you."

" It's dark already. You too get some sleep." the old lady gave Livia some clothes.

"You can give this robe to Mr Rodriguez and you use this night dress. You are drenched. It's my daughter's clothes so don't worry it will fit you just fine."the old lady smiled and wishing her good night she left the room.

Livia changed her clothes and sat on a chair near Aaron's side. She brushed his hair away from his face with her finger tips.
" I am was all my fault. You had no need to come and save me. But you really scared the hell out of me." A tear from Livia's face fell on Aaron's cheek.

Minutes later Livia fell asleep. Then she heard some noise which made her  open her eyes. She saw Aaron was groaning in pain. She touched his forehead and it was burning. She rushed to the bathroom filled a bowl with water and started placing wet clothes on his head.

Aaron's body started sweating. She took another towel, loosened Aaron's robe a bit and had just placed her hand on his chest when Aaron held her wrist and opened his eyes slowly.

"Trying to take advantage of my situation?" he smiled.

"Stop getting stupid ideas." Livia blushed  and tried to pull her hand back but Aaron held her hand firmly and placed it on his chest.

"Continue what you were doing. It was soothing." Aaron said in a low voice and released her hand slowly.
She continued changing the wet bandages on his head and wiped his sweat. Slowly Aaron fell asleep. His temperature came down.


Livia felt a caress on her hand she slowly opened her eyes. Aaron was looking at her.

"I am hungry, will you cook something for me? I can't cook...I don't want to burn their kitchen."

Livia smiled,"Yeah of course. Wait for a few minutes."she got up rubbing her eyes and went to the kitchen to make  some porridge.

She came back few minutes later and after helping him to sit she kept the tray with bowl of porridge on his lap and handed him a spoon.

His right shoulder was injured so he took the spoon in his left hand and looked at it for a moment and then looked at Livia.

"Can you feed me?"he wasn't sure why he had asked her but he wanted this.

Livia looked at Aaron and folded her arms in front of her chest.
"Aaron, your right shoulder is injured. Your left hand is still fine, so use it."

"Can't you feed me?"


"Am I asking for too much?"

"Yes." I don't want to get that close to you. It scare me.
"Don't force me Aaron, you are not a child. Just finished quickly."

"Fine." Aaron started eating using his left hand and instead of eating properly he spilled half of it on the tray.

"What are you doing, Aaron? Are you a   child?"

"What did I do now?"

"The way you are eating you will spoil the bed sheet."

"Livia, I am hungry and does this bed sheet matters more than your husband?"

"At the moment yes because we are in someone else's house."


Livia snatched the spoon from his hand and started feeding him.

"Seriously Aaron, you are really irritating at times."

"You are the only one who thinks I'm  irritating. Other people find me charming."he smiled.

'He sure knows his value.' Livia rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry. I will gift them 100 sheets if you want." Livia looked at him with pursed lips.

"Or I'll gift them a thousand bedsheets if you want. I am rich after all."he said again.

This made Livia laugh."Eat quickly  and go to sleep."

After Aaron finished his meal Livia went downstairs to wash the bowl. She came back a few minutes later and took her seat again. Aaron looked at her and shifted a little so as to make some space beside him. He called Livia, "You can sleep here. You must be tired."

"No I am alright."

"Come on I am not going to do anything to you. And even if I would want to," he looked at her giving that seductive smile "I am not in a position to do it. So you have nothing to worry about."

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