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"Are you cold?" Aaron asked.

After their conversation during the dance he hadn't talked to her and Livia was wondering if he was mad at her but looking at his concern took away her worries.

"No, I am alright."

"You were shivering."he actually looked concerned.

There was that question nagging at the back of her mind and without even realising she just spited out the words that were making her curious. "What did you gain from this marriage, Mr Rodriguez?"
He looked at her as if she was some amusing creature and then replied. "I gained the 50% share of your father's hotel. He was on the verge of bankruptcy and he wasn't getting any help from anyone. That's why he made the deal with me that he will give me 50% of his shares plus his daughter if I helped him."

"But you were supposed to get those shares only if you marry Ada." Livia frowned.
"But it wasn't my fault that she ran away or eloped or I don't know what ever she has done. The deal was made and your father knew well enough that if he broke the deal, there will be consequences. I am not someone who can let such things slip away so easily, Livia.''

Looking at him she knew he really wasn't someone easy. Even when her father wanted to introduce him to some of his people to show off the new business giant who was now his son in law he had cut those meetings short and told him quiet clearly that they were leaving. Even though her dad didn't like that he had said nothing.

"So when I married you, I got the 50% shares and the papers that you signed was not only the marriage certificate but also those regarding shares."

Livia didn't know why but this piece of information had pleased her. It must have been really difficult for Alicia to agree to this. Even if the shares weren't on her name but it was on her name and through this marriage with her that Aaron got these 50% shares and this thought was oddly satisfying.

"You are smiling? I would also like to know what you are thinking about?"

"Nothing important." she in an attempt to change the topic asked,"Where are we going?"

At this Aaron chuckled and said,"I thought you were never going to ask. We are going on our honeymoon."

'Ok, only a ruthless businessman like Aaron Rodriguez who married someone whom he don't even know, just for the profits can say words like shares, profits, business and honeymoon in one sentence. The way he said honeymoon so lightly felt as if we are going for a business trip, the only difference is that this time he has a partner with him whom he calls his wife.'

"And one more thing," Aaron said,"I am your husband so you should call me by my name." Aaron said holding her chin between his thumb and forefinger. "Call my name, Livia."

She was more happy to keep their relationship a formal business so as not to get her heart involved but what should she do now??

"Call my name."

"Aa.." him holding her chin like this was driving her crazy. He slowly started moving towards her bringing his face close to hers. So close that she could feel his breath on her lips. "Say Aaron."

Calling someone by his name had never felt such a difficult task before. Then what was happening to her now?

"Aa... Aaron." And just as she said his name he dropped his mouth on hers.

Once again her heart started beating so hard and so fast that she was worried that she might be ill. And then suddenly he pulled back. Leaving her breathless. He groaned and took out his phone from his pocket and it was then that she realised that his phone was ringing. He started tending to the urgent matters that needed his attention and Livia turned her face towards the window in an attempt to hide that blush. She could hear her heart beating wildly.

This was going to be difficult, she realised. It isn't easy to escape from the charms of Aaron Rodriguez, she had read this in all those newspapers and gossip magazines and now she was having a first hand experience with it. She had to protect herself now and more especially her heart because she can't fall in love with this man, no matter how tempting it seems. She will never fall for him, she decided.

Aaron finished his call and then quickly turned towards his newly wed wife to finish what they had started but he was shocked when he found her sleeping so soundly.

'How could she sleep so soundly after putting me on fire? I was on the call just for 20 minutes and she fell asleep?'

But what surprised him even more was that he wasn't angry. He waited for a few minutes for anger to surface but he just couldn't get mad at her for leaving him in this state.

The car took a sharp turn and Aaron was just in time to catch his sleeping beauty. And then gently placed her head on his shoulder and ordered the driver to drive carefully.
'She sure is a sound sleeper.' he smiled to himself looking at her.

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