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He kissed Livia. The kiss that was so soft in the beginning was now turning into something more urgent, erotic and passionate. Livia was equally responding to him.

It was only when something soft and hot touched her naked flesh that Livia realised that Aaron had already removed the shoulder strap of her dress and was now licking her bare breast.

The common sense that was lost somewhere between the heat of passion was now returning to her. She held his shoulders and tried to stop him.
"This...this is not in the contract. We should stop's wrong."

"To hell with the contract." Aaron pulled himself up and with his weight on his elbows searched into her eyes. His eyes, a pool of passionate heat.
"I want you, Livia. I wanted you from the moment I saw you." This was news to Livia. "And I know you want me too."

She gulped,"No.. I -"

Aaron held her chin and now she was meeting the desire in his eyes. He purred softly. " I want you Livia and you want me too and you know that very well. As for the contract, it can be changed."

She looked at him and she knew that she would be lying if she said that she had no feelings towards him. When she saw him in the party for the first time she had felt attracted to him. She had never wanted a marriage on contractual terms but his first kiss had awakened a desire, a thirst in her.

She remembered how he had supported and had taken a stand for her in front of Alicia, her stepmother. In these few days she had seen a person who was very different from what the newspapers and magazines had described about him. After her mother had died all she had longed for was love but she knew well enough that love was the only thing this man will never be able to give her.

"If you said 'No' now then it will be a 'No' and doesn't matter how much I desire you, I will not force you." Aaron said looking into her eyes. And then he tried to get up.

One of the teachers of Livia's school whom Livia was very close to had always told the girls 'Never be in a hurry to lose your virginity. Give it to someone whom you know will love you and whom you can love back with all your heart and soul.'

Just as Aaron was about to get up Livia put her arms around his neck to stop him.
'Even if all he wants at the moment is just physical pleasure but if that's the way to reach his heart then I'm ready. I have already fallen in love with this man. How and when I've no idea but he's all I want to see. So if I have to give my virginity to someone then it'd be him and no one else. Because he's the one who owns my heart.'

Ignoring all the rational thoughts which were still trying to stop her, she pulled his mouth towards her and kissed him.

This was the sign that Aaron was waiting for and now there was nothing that could stop him from taking what was his especially since the moment they had exchanged the wedding rings.

Livia didn't know when exactly they got rid of their clothes because all she was aware of was Aaron, his kisses, his soft touch, his breath against her naked flesh and his silky hair that were brushing her naked skin. She could feel him all around her. His soft erotic voice felt like music to her ears. She had lost all her strength and had now become a terrible mess of nerves and sensation. All she could do now was gasping and taking Aaron's name, as if it was a prayer.

"Aaron..." she gasped again.

As if on cue, he made space between her legs and thrusted into her but then he suddenly stopped. There was something on his way.

He looked at Livia. Her white skin was covered in sweat and she had tightly shut her eyes close and was biting on her lower pink lip to stop her cries.

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