Chapter - 27

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Aaron realised the news that he after so much of difficulty had managed to block it still had found it's way to his house, his life and his wife.

"It's not what you are thinking, Livia. That was just a party and-"

"Please Aaron, why don't you just stop it now? You were having wild parties with your mistress. Right?"

"Enough Livia! It was just a business dinner and there were other people too."

"Its not enough Aaron! Do you know when I saw that news even I said the same to myself that No, Aaron can't do this. It's all a lie until I saw another picture of yours leaving her house at 2:00 in the morning."

"Livia, it's not what you are thinking."he tried to explain.

She got out of her bed and stood straight in front of him. Even though she couldn't match his height but there was no way she will let him overpower her like this. She wanted to stand for herself.

"All the while you demanded loyality from me Aaron. But what about you?"

"It's not-"

"Just tell me one thing. You left her house at 2:00 in the morning. Yes or no?"

Things were getting out of control and he didn't like that. He was opening and closing his fists at his sides just so as to control his temper. He wanted to smash everything in the room.

"Yes it's true that I left her house at 2:00 but-"
Livia gave a sarcastic laugh. "Just what exactly do you want from me, Aaron?"

"Livia." he tried to come close to her, to touch her but she held her hand in front of him and said,"No! don't touch me. Don't even come close to me."

This infuriated him even more and he pulled her from her wrist towards himself and she collided with his hard chest. Earlier when he used to do this  she had always loved the sensation but today she wanted to just run away from him and from his touch. Run as far away as possible.

"Leave me, Aar-"

She couldn't even complete her sentence when Aaron covered her mouth with his. Kissing her hard. She tried to push him away but all her attempts were futile as his hold just got stronger and stronger. Tears started running down her cheeks.

"Please stop it, Aaron."

"Oh really? But your body is saying something else." He undid the belt which was holding her robe and slipped his hand on her naked flesh. She wanted to run away but her traitorous body wasn't listening to her. It was acting like it had a brain of its own.

A sob of helplessness escaped from her mouth.

And that made Aaron still. He pushed her away from him and she landed on the bed. She quickly covered herself and looked at him angrily but if she was filled with anger then so was he. Moreover, he was looking like a walking storm which was ready to destroy everything that was in his path.

Aaron stormed out of the room and minutes later Livia heard the door open and close and heard the engine of the car. Then she heard his car moving out of the villa and that was when she allowed her emotions to take control over her.


2 weeks had passed but Livia never saw Aaron since that night. He used to come late at night and leave early in the morning. Their marriage wasn't like that before. He used to come early, talk to her, go out with her. They used to spend so much time together.

Even Mrs Goodwill had laughed at the changes Livia had brought in Aaron's life. But now the things had changed drastically. During these two weeks she had cried to herself thinking about Aaron but he never came to that room again after that night. The bed on which they used to sleep together, cuddle against each other and make love was now empty.

Her inner voice said that it was just lust and not love but her heart was still crying for Aaron. There were days when she thought what it would have been like if she hadn't read that article or even if she had read it then too she shouldn't have reacted the way she had. She hated herself for having such thoughts but at least then she would have still gotten his company, she still would have the chance to see him everyday, to spend time with him, to see his concern and care, to make love to him, to hold him close...a tear  escaped her eyes. She had lost everything because of her stupidity.

But she wasn't wrong. She was his wife. She had given herself to him willingly and had never asked for anything in return. She had always been loyal and honest to him. Then how could he go to someone else's bed.

But then the heart want what it wants. During these 2 weeks she stood on every noise, opening of door, rattle of windows, hoping to see Aaron but he never came. It was Mrs Goodwill who used to inform Livia that he ate out last night and had left early in the morning without having his breakfast.

Even Mrs Goodwill had realised now that everything wasn't well between Livia and Aaron. Mrs Goodwill had even advised her.
"Livia if there are some misunderstandings then you both should talk about it because things if left unspoken can make relationships fall apart."

'But there wasn't any relationship between them. It was just a contract from the very beginning. It was only she who had forgotten about that.' Livia laughed at herself how hopelessly she had fallen in love with this man.

Mrs Goodwill had said,"You are the first woman, Livia whom master has been this nice to. I have never seen him so happy around anyone else but he doesn't know how to express his feelings. So how about you give him a chance? He will never betray you."

'He has already betrayed me.' Livia didn't know what to do. She felt like she was lost somewhere and couldn't find a way  out of this mess. She had thought of going to Aaron and say that 'Let's forget everything and start anew.' And she hated herself for such weak thoughts. She hated herself and her weakness but she couldn't hate Aaron. He was the first man she had fallen for and probably was the last.

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