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'Getting a reaction out of her, teasing her seems like a very addictive thing. I  never thought that even I will enjoy something like this one day.' Aaron smiled to himself.

'But you can't touch her.' A voice from a dark corner inside him said.

' I know. I don't want a real marriage so physical relationship will never be in the picture. She is beautiful and desirable. I was angry when I entered the suite and found it empty. I thought she had gone. But finding her in the bathroom and that too in such a relief was subsided by something else... desire...yes, I  desire her. It was hard to control myself but even if I desire her I can't have her. Getting bound to her in that way would just bring the extra baggage that I have always ignored. I don't do emotions. They aren't my thing.'

'Stop it, Aaron! Stop thinking about her.'
After a lot of twisting and turning in the bed Aaron turned his head to Livia's back and wondered, 'How could someone sleep so much? She must be really tired. Being forced into a marriage then she had slept for 30 minutes in the car and even in flight she could only sleep for 1 hour and then she had that nightmare. Maybe that's the reason she fell asleep in the bathtub...naked... completely unaware... defense less... STOP!! Aaron you need to stop thinking about that.'

Aaron got up from the bed and looked at Livia for a moment. 'She is asleep already. I might as well go and take a shower because I really need one. A very cold one.'

**Next Morning**

Next Morning Aaron woke up to a small stirring and a soft sigh. He slowly opened his eyes and was amused at what he saw. The little ball of fire Livia Smith... now Mrs Livia Rodriguez had crossed the border that she herself had set previous night. Her head was on his shoulder and her hands on his torso. She had literally snuggled in to him.

Aaron smiled at the view. He couldn't resist the feeling of bending his head a bit and smell her hair. He had never done things like smelling a woman's hair but this woman, he was beginning to realise will make him do things he had never done before.

Livia stirred again and it was then that Aaron realised that the temperature of the room had become very low and Livia was feeling cold. He turned to his side and found the AC remote and turned it off.

It was then that he saw the wall clock. It was already 8 in the morning. It was strange as he had never really slept that late. He used to wake up at 4:00 in the morning, do his work out before kick-starting  his day. 'Maybe the exhaustion from yesterday is responsible for this.' Aaron thought.

He looked at Livia, the small little figure which was holding onto him and before he realised his hand was already touching her cheeks. Her cheeks felt soft to touch. They had a natural pink colour. A smile came to his face which was then  replaced by a frown.

He had never slept with a woman before let alone touch her like this. Of course he wasn't a celibate but he had never brought a woman on his bed or caressed her in her sleep. Neither was he so worried or frustrated by the thought of someone leaving him and nor he felt so attracted to someone.

He looked at Livia again and thought 'How can someone possibly seem so innocent? The word innocent has already entered the red data book. I've seen enough of the world. On my way up I've met many wolves and vultures.'

He got up from the bed and looked at Livia once again,'If father can so easily sell his daughter for some gains then I am sure that Apple also hasn't fallen far from the tree. I'll never let the desire for you overcome my senses. I have never allowed anyone to come close to me and things will remain the same in the future too.'  with this final thought and decision made he went to the bathroom.

Livia woke up to the rays of sun dancing on her face. She stretched a bit and opened her eyes slowly with a smile on her face. But that smile then got replaced by a frown.
'Where am I? Oh yeah!  I married a devil, in form of a calculative billionaire yesterday.'

With a sigh she closed her eyes and then opened them quickly as she realised her hand was on the pillow border she had made previous night. She quickly sat up on the bed and drew her hand to her chest as if it had got burned. She looked around but there was no sign of Aaron. 'Thank God! he is not here or else I can very clearly picture him teasing me for this for the rest of our married life.'

She heard the bathroom door open and raised her eyes. From in emerged the great business tycoon Mr billionaire Aaron Rodriguez, in nothing but a towel. The rays of sun were dancing on his torso which was still slick from his shower, he combed back his wet hair with his fingers. Livia gulped at the sight.

'The towel is tied a bit too low on his hips. What if it fell down...' she  closed her eyes tightly and lowered her head ashamed and embarrassed by the thought that had just crossed her mind.  'Stupid girl! Can't you just stop or at least leash your wild imagination a bit?' she chided  herself.

"Good morning." the husky male voice greeted her.

"Uh..Good morning."she greeted sitting on the bed, her head still lowered and her fingers curled in her lap.

" Are you ok? You don't look well. Your face is all red." Livia quickly looked up and noticed he was standing on the edge of the bed, looking at her.
'Why does he have to look so sexy?'

"I am alright."

"I hope you are not having some dirty thoughts about me." Aaron said in a slow voice with a seductive look.

"You think too high of yourself, Mr Rodriguez" Livia said with her chin high as if accepting the challenge,"It's just because of the heat from the sun. I'll just take a shower and I will be fine." she quickly got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom all the while trying her best to not  run into the bathroom.
'What a narcissist he is...but a hot narcissist.'

Just as she reached the bathroom door Aaron called from behind,"Hey listen."

She stopped in her track but didn't looked back.

"If you are going to sleep again in the bathroom then don't lock the door otherwise it will be difficult for me to break it again." Aaron chuckled.

Livia pursed her lips and looked at Aaron, trying her best not to get carried away by that gorgeous face. She lifted her chin up and said,"That's very kind of you that you worry so much about me. But I've slept to my heart's content. I don't plan on sleeping in the bathtub today."

With this Livia turned into the bathroom and locked the door securely as if afraid that Aaron might really come in. Even after she locked the door she could hear him laughing.
'Devil. Does he always have to tease me? Is it so much fun?'

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