Chapter - 29

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Aaron cancelled his meetings when he got the call from his security guard that Livia had left in a cab without any bodyguard. He was leaving his office building after hearing from his bodyguard whom he had made responsible for protecting Livia saying that Miranda met Livia in central park. His car was moving at high speed towards the central park when he was informed that Livia left with a man in his car.

"What are you trying to do Livia? Trying to leave me? In your dreams. I won't let that happen till the time I'm alive because you will have to stay by my side. Whether you like it or not."

5 minutes later Aaron got the address of the place where Livia was taken to. This apartment was located at the centre of london and it was one of the most luxurious one. Aaron reached the apartment and went straight to the floor of the stranger who as per the information Aaron got had hugged his wife Livia.

Aaron rang the doorbell and from inside came a man's voice,"Hey Livi, you wait I will open the door."

"Livi? they are quite close."

The door opened and Aaron, after giving a brief murderous look to the man standing in front of him stormed inside. He found Livia sitting on a couch with coffee in her hands. He took the coffee from her hands and placed it on the table and pulled Livia from her wrist.

"Hey buddy, What are you doing?" Evan tried to stop him. "Who do you think you are?"

"Her husband." Aaron replied. "She is my wife." he said stressing more on the word 'my wife'.

"Oh so you are her husband. Then that's all the more of a reason why you can't take her from here."

"So you think you can stop me?" saying this Aaron pushed him hard.

Evan somehow managed to maintain his balance and he came back and punched Aaron.

Livia realised that if she didn't stop them now they will soon  get into an ugly fight.

"Stop it you both!" she shouted and came in between both of them with one hand on each man's chest.
Aaron pulled onto Livia's wrist and she collided with his hard chest. Now both her hands rested on his chest and Aaron smiled looking satisfied.

"Let's go." he pulled Livia with him.

Evan tried to stop him but Livia interrupted,"Evan, I really need to go. There are some things which we need to talk about."

"If you need anything then I'm just a call away." Evan looked at her, ignoring Aaron and to Aron's annoyance Livia nodded her head  and smiled weakly.

They both entered the lift and as the lift doors were closing Livia saw Evan standing at his door looking at her. Finally when the doors were closed she turned to Aaron angrily and asked,"What's wrong with you, Mr Rodriguez?"

Aaron looked at her  and just with the speed of lightning he covered Livia's mouth with his. When he finally let go he looked at her and said,"Call me Mr Rodriguez once again and I will take you right here and right now."

Before Livia could say something the lift doors opened and Aaron pulled her from her wrist. As they reached his car he opened the passenger door and pushed Livia inside and he himself took to the driving seat.

"What's wrong with you, Aaron? Will  you tell me please."

Aaron didn't say anything and Livia was getting irritated now. She knew Aaron was angry so it was better not to provoke him further. 'But the hell with that. Shouldn't it be her what should be angry because it was he who had cheated on her and it was he who barged in suddenly at her friend's house and shouldn't he be with Miranda right now?' Livia glanced at him from the corner of her eye.

Aaron was looking angry that he was clenching his jaw but even in anger he was looking undeniably handsome.

'Stop it, Livia! You can't get softhearted right now. Where was he during these three weeks? He never came to me or tried to explain anything. He was nowhere to be seen so it's me who should be angry and not him.'

The car came to a stop and Livia noticed that they were in front of a cottage. Before she could ask anything Aaron got out of the car and came to her side to open the door. And once again he was pulling her from her hand.

"Will you stop dragging me like this? I can walk!" Livia said angrily. But Aaron kept pulling her as if he didn't hear anything.

'Ok... he is really angry. So what? Even I'm angry. If he wants a fight then we will have a really good one.'

They entered the cottage and he closed the door behind them.

"Whose cottage is this?" Livia questioned standing in the centre and looking at her surroundings.

"It's my cottage." Aaron said while walking at Livia. His eyes never leaving hers. He finally stopped in front of her and he was standing so close to her that Livia could feel his breath on her cheeks. "Everything in this cottage is mine. Everything including you."

Livia blushed. 'Why does he sound so possessive? Even back in Evan's apartment the way he had call me 'my wife' had sounded so possessive. But why are you doing this Aaron? When you don't even like me.'

Aaron lifted his hand to touch her cheek but she jerked his hand away and took one step back. This made Aaron angry. He clenched his jaws, opened and closed his fists, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, Livia noticed.
'This is what he always does when he is angry.' Within such a short time after marriage Livia had come to know a lot about him. It was as if she could easily read him, when he was angry or when he was sad or happy.

When Aaron opened his eyes Livia saw an uncertainty in them. Something that she had never seen in him before. He looked sad.

She wanted to take a step forward and to hold his face, to kiss his sadness away, to give him comfort. But then she stopped herself.

'No, I cried for two whole weeks. How can I easily forget the pain you gave me.' There was no way she was going to let him hurt her again.

Aaron once again took a step towards her and held her hands in his...this time softly. He propelled her towards the nearest couch and made her sit there.

"Wait here."

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