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A Call had come from his office when they were discussing the prenup.

"I'll have to go." he announced.

"But prenup?"

"Isn't it done already?"

"But I have some more questions."

"I would have been shocked if you would have told me that's all." he chuckled.
"We will discuss it later." with that he had left.

As his stepped out of his Bentley SUV, his secretary John came running towards him and told him about the problem regarding the hotel they were facing.

"Is my staff so incapable that they can't even solve such a small matter? Do  I pay you so that you can come to me with each and every small problem?" his tone was hard.

"No Sir, that's not the case. We just needed your approval to proceed as the solution regarding this problem has already been found."

"Then you could have asked for it on phone." Aaron said while walking inside his office building.

"No sir, there is another problem. It's about the house you want to buy. We tried really hard to convince the couple but they aren't ready to listen." Aaron didn't say anything so the secretary continued.
"So I had to call you before the matter slips out of our hand. I know it's your honeymoon and we shouldn't have disturbed you-"

"Honeymoon..." Aaron said slowly smiling to himself as an idea just clicked in his mind.
"Don't worry. I'll solve this problem. Now you focus on your work."

" Yes sir."

"Is there any other problem?"

"No sir, that's all." with this the secretary left Aaron's office.

Aaron sat back in his chair and called his hotel room. Livia picked up the call.
"Be ready in 15 minutes."
"Why? Are you going somewhere?"
" On a long drive." with that he hung up.


""Be ready we are going for a long drive."- " Does he really think I am his slave ?" Livia asked angrily while looking at the receiver.
"Bossy arrogant businessman! I hate you."
She sighed."Get ready Livia, you don't have much of a choice and some fresh air would be good for you too."

After 15 minutes there was a Knock at the door. Livia opened the door and found Aaron standing in front of her. He sure is an eye candy. It doesn't matter how many times I see him...I still never get tired of watching him.

"Are you ready?"


"Let's go." Aaron closed the door behind them and they walked towards the reception.
"You wait here I have something important to discuss with the manager."

She nodded her head and stood there. Aaron went to the manager and started talking and in between their conversation they would look at her and then resume to what ever they were talking about.

Just as they reached the entrance of the hotel a Bentley was waiting for them. Aaron opened the door for Livia and then went back to his side.

"Where are we going?" Livia asked once again when they were on the road.

"For a long drive."
"Do we have a destination?" she was irritated with his responses now.

Aaron smiled to himself. 'It's  really fun to tease her.'
"First we are going to my villa."
"Your villa? You have a villa in London?"

"You don't have to sound so shocked. I am rich, I have money and I can buy whatever I want." he smirked and she rolled her eyes.
He had never said these words to anyone because they were unnecessary. However, this line always gave him the chance to annoy her a bit more and without him realising it these words had become his pet line.

"No... I mean-"

"And I am a Londoner so it's normal for me to have a house here."

"You are a Londoner? I thought you were a New Yorker."

"Seems like there are still many things you don't know about your husband." he shifted his focus on the road as he supplied," My villa is in St. John's wood."

An hour later their car was in front of a huge iron gate and behind the gates was a huge villa. The gates opened to give them entry. Once inside, they both stepped out of the car.

"Wow... your villa is-"


"I was going to say beautiful." Livia looked at him shaking her head.

Her face lit with the joy of a child, Aaron noticed. He came to her side and held her hand and they started walking up the stairs

"Who else lives here?"

" Mrs Greta Goodwill, the housekeeper and the guard you saw just now and yes a gardener."

"That's not what I meant."she laughed at him.

The doors of the villa opened and from in came a woman who was probably in her late forties or early fifties, Livia noted.

"Welcome back master." she wished Aaron.
Then she looked at Livia.
"Ohh... so this is your bride. I must say your choice is really beautiful."she said looking at her.
Her compliment made Livia blush.

"Indeed... she is." Aaron replied looking at Livia and Livia's blush deepened.

"Mrs. Goodwill, you show her the room. I have some work in my study."

"Yes, master." with that Aaron left.

"Come, Mrs Rodriguez, I will show you your room."

"Call me Livia please."


"You don't have to be so formal with me."

"Ok then. Livia, let me show you your room." Mrs Goodwill smiled at her.


"Your name is beautiful."

"Thanks." Livia said politely.

"When I heard master is going to marry I thought he would bring one of those models with whom he attends parties."

Livia wasn't sure if she wanted to hear about his affairs from his housekeeper or from anyone else for that matter. She was already trying hard to suppress the question,'How many girls has he  brought here in this house... on his bed...'

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