Chapter - 25

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"Livia!" Mrs Goodwill's excitement was visible in her voice. "So how was your honeymoon?"
Livia blushed at her question. She didn't know how to answer.

"Oh! you are blushing so that means-"

"It means nothing!" Livia tried to change the topic so as to divert her attention.
"And what were you thinking while packing clothes for me? What kind of clothes were they? Two of the night wears were...almost transparent."

"They weren't 'almost transparent', they were 'transparent'." Mrs. Goodwill corrected.
Mrs Goodwill looked at Livia and made a face. "Girl, Are you really from this world? Are you sure you are a 21st century girl?  Did you want me to pack your pyjamas?"


"Well, I regret saying but you still have a lot to learn. It's alright I'll teach you."


"My beautiful and lovely girl, who wears pyjamas during honeymoon? Who?"

'Ok, she really works for Aaron.'

"The clothes you packed for me seemed more of seductive and less of what people wear for night."

"You are a young and newly married couple. Do you really need to sleep at night? Young people don't sleep at night, especially newly married ones."old lady winked at Livia.

'God! There's no use of this. If this conversation continued like this then I am afraid she might sit with the book of Kamasutra and will start giving lecture on 'how to please your husband'.'

"By the way," Mrs Goodwill continued "Did my gift surprised you?" Mrs Goodwill asked grinning.

"Yes, you don't even.k need to ask." Livia said shaking her head.

"So master liked it!" Mrs Goodwill said chirping.
Livia turned beetroot red.
"Mrs Goodwill, will you please stop it?"

Mrs Goodwill laughed and Livia rushed to her room. She couldn't bear to stand there any longer, afraid as to what Mrs Goodwill will say in next.


Since then a month had passed. Livia  was sitting in front of her laptop doing her work. She had always loved freelancing more than a 9-5 job. She had started digital marketing when she was still in college and with her hard work and dedication she had reached a point where she could earn her bread and butter and even rent a place with what she was earning now.

Aaron had bought her a new laptop and she was busy with her work again. And even while working she couldn't stop herself from thinking about Aaron.

When they had returned from the old couple's house, Livia had feared that things might not remain the same and that they might become distant again as they were earlier but instead they had become more close to each other. They had started talking more, the border of pillows between them had disappeared, every night they shared the bed just like a husband and wife, every evening she used to wait for her husband - 'my husband' she smiled at the thought.

Even Mrs Goodwill had commented. "Master is such a workaholic that he barely used to come back home but now he arrives even before five struck the clock. He has started speaking more and laughing a lot. Seems like he has changed a lot since your  arrival."

Livia was happy, giddy and on cloud nine after hearing this.
'Mrs Goodwill was right.' she thought. Everyday he came early, they will talk before dinner and even while having dinner. Every night they made love. Livia  flushed at the memory of him making love to her. She was happy, very happy to be precise and she couldn't remember if she had ever felt this happy ever before in her life.

Aaron had gone on a business trip 3 days ago and she was already missing him. Even though he used to call her every morning and every night before going to bed, she was still missing him.

It was strange that the person she had wanted to avoid had now become a person who was there in every thought of her. 99.9%  of her thoughts were occupied by him. It was strange to feel this way. 'But doesn't it happen when you are in love? while in presence of that person you always feel self-conscious, giddy, nervous and happy- to be brief you become a terrible mess of feelings and while the person is away you can't help but think about him and you miss him terribly.'

So was she in love with him?
"Yes. I am in love with him." Livia replied  to her inner self. She had never thought she will fall for someone like Aaron Rodriguez but yes it was true and she was in love.
"But what exactly made him tick for me?"  Livia wondered what made her love him so much? What made her fall for him?

So she started thinking. First- he had a terrible past but the way he had dealt with it worked hard and had risen up above all, it was amazing and she admired him for that. She respected him for that.
Second- she remembered how during the initial days of their marriage they used to get mad at each other but even in anger Aaron had never hurt her or raised his voice more than a pitch. He wasn't a brute who needs to hurt women to show his power.
Third- he respected her. When outside, he treated her well. He never disrespected her even in private.
"But he is arrogant and always teases me." Then Livia smiled to herself "but still I love him.... hopelessly. Why? I don't know... but I do."

Aaron Rodriguez is a man whose charm you can't escape from. Today he has was about to return and so Livia thought to make some preparations for her husband.
"He doesn't love me right now but I love him. I'll try to win his love and till he starts to have feelings for me, my love will be enough for the two of us. I want a family with Aaron. A family full of love."

Just as she was about to close her laptop a notification popped up. It was about Aaron. She smiled to herself . She never missed even a single news about him.

She sat again to look what amazing deal her  husband had cracked this time. She opened the site but the moment she looked at it her smile disappeared. Her heartbeat stopped, it felt as if she forgot how to breathe, the world stopped and all the background noises and chirping of  birds came to a dead halt. Her heartbeat had stopped but it felt like her heart was thumping hard against her chest.
She didn't want to believe at what she was seeing.

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