Chapter 36

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Owen and I waited at the doors of the mansion, watching the men scrambling along. It was an amusing sight, seeing as I knew they would all be defeated soon.

Owen help my hand tightly as he watched too, his feet pattering on the ground out of impatience. He never liked to stand in one place, so this was a challenge.

My head turns to Jason as he nearly stomps into the foyer. He seems almost afraid, it's like he feels that everything is going to go horribly wrong. 

As he passes, he turns to us, mumbling out: "we are leaving in two minutes."

"Jason," I call loudly as he moves further away, "Owen needs to use the bathroom... it's an emergency."

"Make it quick," he responds gruffly, stomping off into the dining hall.

Slowly, I pull Owen along, taking long, lengthy strides to the downstairs bathroom. It takes us about a minute to even reach the bathroom, which is good timing for our procrastination mission.

Once in the bathroom, Owen makes his way to the toilet, climbing up onto it, "Mommy, turn around!!" He shouts in a whisper. Giving off a soft laugh, I follow his orders, looking towards the wall opposite of him.

"All done?" I question after a minute, tapping my foot on the floor.

"Yup," Owen responds, hopping off the toilet and pulling up his pants, "All done!" Shaking my head with a smile, I move over to him, holding him by the shoulders so that he can reach the faucet to wash his hands.

A rattling on the door makes us both jump, it's quite aggressive and I have no doubt who it is.

"We've got to go!" Jason yells from the other side, "What the fuck is taking you so long?!"

"One minute!" I call out to him, slowly washing Owen's hands.

"They are almost here damnit! Do you want to be caught?! Idiot woman!" A loud punch is thrown at the door.

I knew it was risky even trying to procrastinate, but now, I was just terrified. Never had I heard Jason yell with this much aggression before, and I did not like the sound of it.

"Okay! We are coming!" I huff out, placing Owen on my hip and shutting off the faucet. My hand reaches for the handle and unlocks it, pulling it open to meet a furious Jason.

Seizing my upper arm, Jason grips it, tugging me along in a bruising hold, "Jason, that hurts!" I struggle, trying to pull away.

"Deal with it, I'm done with your slowness." He grumbles, pulling us outside. The sun's beaming light heats up my skin as we enter it's path, sending a wave of comfortable-ness my way.

As we begin being shoved into a car, I spot a large-armored car speeding straight towards the gate. The force of the car is enough to break the gates open, the car flipping once in the process.

"Fuck," Jason mutters, staring at the car. He is quick to pull Owen and I up and against him.

I feel a cold revolver pressing against my temple, sending shivers down my spine. "Jason... what are you doing?"

"One more word, bitch, and I'll shoot." He whispers to me, his voice in a deep grumble.

My eyes move without my head, scanning the area throughly. Every one of Jason's men have their guns pointed at the truck.

The armored vehicle sits idle for a solid minute, which worries me more than anything. Is whoever's in there okay?

Behind me, Jason makes a unique whistle, sending the men to crowd the truck.

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