Chapter 2

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Kyle's POV...

I know I was too harsh on Robyn, I wish I could take it back. These past days without speaking to her have been utter hell. I'm not myself, and it's dangerous; I will not let her become my weakness. My business is already on a low for this month. Another hit could ruin everything I have worked so hard to build.

It's just- her scent, her body, her voice... She has a hold on me that no one else does. In my eyes, she is a goddess, she's perfect.  I have to admit... she's the best sex I've ever had. I loved every moment of it. That night was not just a booty call that I make every night or two, that night meant something and that terrifies me.

When I got up and broke her innocent heart... I felt so horrible. With all the killing and torturing I have done, I've never felt as wicked- or more of an ass then I did there.

'It's for her own protection' I tell myself to numb the pain, but I know that isn't true. All I am doing is saving my empire. 'She's a prisoner' I think, but she's more than that. I can't keep treating her like this... Maybe I should let her go? I've had her for two months now and all the background checks haven't given any clues to her being dangerous.

I hear my phone start to buzz on my desk. It moves to the left as it rings, shifting some papers with it. I shuffle over after placing a book back on it's shelf. I'd sit in the black, leather office chair, picking up the chiming phone. The caller I.D. would show one of my men stationed at the penthouse and I'd pick it up.

"Yes?" I question into the phone, growing a bit impatient as he prolongs his message.

"Sir, we have a problem." The man, Hans, tells me.

"Well, what is it?" Some annoyance is laced in my tone.

"She escaped." He speaks, and I can hear the worry in his voice.

"Escaped? What do you mean escaped?!" I growl, throwing papers off my desk angrily. "How could she have gotten past you idiots?!"

"She tricked us, boss. She knocked out Caleb upstairs, then she came down, tricked us into the elevator and ran." Hans explains, and my breath becomes heavy with rage.

"All of you. Fired. Get your things out of the warehouse and go." I order. "If I ever see any of you again, I'll kill you on the spot."

"But boss-" I can tell he's in distress, but I cut him off. "Leave, or I'll come kill you right now." I yell into the phone, ending the call, and throwing the damn phone across the room.

I run my hands through my jet black hair, letting out a long sigh. How could I let her go? How could I let her slip through my fingertips?

I dash to the now half-broken phone, picking it up and dialing my best hacker. He picks up within five seconds, and I pace around my office.

"Yes, boss?" He asks immediately after the call came through. 

"Robyn escaped. Find her." I order, my voice stern and annoyed.

"But boss- you refused to put a chip in her. And the cameras outside the penthouse were down for maintenance today." Danni sighs, making a blowing sound into the phone.

"I don't care. Find her, at all costs."

Robyn's POV...

I take the taxi for as long as I can; well- until the money runs out. I had to get away as far as possible. I couldn't risk being found again. The driver, Ted, was nice enough to drop me off at the closest shopping center- instead of on the side of the road when my money ran out. He was kind and consoled me as I cried on the drive. He brought me out three hours from the city, which is a good start.

I bid him farewell, starting to walk on the side of the road. There was no point in going to the shopping center, I had no money and I didn't want to be tempted to steal. The road was like a highway, cars sped fast past me and it was like there were no stop lights at all. I knew that my location was unsafe, three hours isn't a lot and it wouldn't be hard to track me down. I needed to take drastic measures. From my knowledge, I was now in Idaho, so if I really wanted to hide, the east coast was the place to go.

It was a nerve-wracking decision, but I decided to hitchhike. I had no choice, no money = no safety. So, after about an hour or two of walking on the never-ending highway road, I decided to stop, and put up my thumb. 

It took a good forty minutes for someone to stop. By then, my arm kind-of hung, and it grew weaker every second. The driver slowed down in a Ford Focus Sudan, pulling their car up next to me. The person rolled down their windows, revealing themselves.

The driver looks to be about my age, male, platinum blond hair and a handsome face. It was like one of those cliche movies I watched on Hallmark or Lifetime. He wore a blue suit with a white tie, looking to have come from a meeting of some sort.

"Need a ride?" He questions, turning down the volume on his radio.

I give off a small nod, walking up to the car and hopping inside after he unlocks the door. "Thank you," I mutter in a soft, and quiet voice. I was never very good around strangers and driving with a guy off the road is pushing it for me.

"Of course," he shows me a smile, pulling back onto the road. "Where to... What's your name miss?"

"Oh- I'm Robyn; and anywhere from here." I tell him, keeping my eyes directly in front of me, looking out the window. "Where are you headed?"

"I came here on business for my father, I'm actually driving back home to Jacksonville, in Florida. Oh- and I'm Jason, by the way." He answers, letting out a small cough.

"Florida? You are driving to Florida?!" I blink quite a few times, confused to why he'd drive such a long way.

He let's out a soft chuckle, both his hands positioned on the wheel. He'd constantly look over to me. "Yes, I love road trips, even if they're by myself. A very uncommon liking, I know, but I just love seeing new places. And- you  can't really enjoy them on planes."

"Damn..." I sigh, looking over to him. "Well, do you want a companion on this trip? I need to get out of this place, as far as I can."

Jason looks over at me, a bit of panic on his face. "You aren't in trouble with the law- Are you?"

I shake my head swiftly. "No no no.... Not with the law... Just with something else..." My breathing becomes a bit staggered. I have to tell him if he asks, he is driving me to Florida for heavens sake. It's just- I don't know if I can trust him.

Jason pauses for a moment before speaking, his face remained neutral. "What kind of trouble...?"

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