Chapter 31

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Time went by slowly that day, it was like each minute was a full hour. My brain was to clouded in confusion and doubt that it couldn't even process the minutes or hours it passed by. The thoughts zoomed as the time slowed.

It made me question being with Kyle, and it made me question being away. Would we be safe here? With Jason acting so odd, and Kyle's determination to keep us with him, it made me question who really to trust.

Either way, Owen and I will never lead normal lives. I've tried that once in Jason's care... you all saw how that turned out. But with Kyle, we will be safe, but confined. We will be trapped in a mansion with no where to run, outings will be scarce and supervised, always.

Both have so many downfalls, and both I will be trapped. The only other option is to flee both... and that will be hell on Earth. The constant fear of Kyle's wrath and the utter loneliness Owen and I will be put through is just not ideal. If we run from both options, we will end up around complete strangers. I'm bad enough at making friends as it is.

Thoughts like these went on through my head, one fighting with the other for hours on end, until, of course, dinner time.

Owen has woken up about an hour prior to the meal, and he was still quite hysterical. We sat on the bed for about a half an hour as he let it all out, it seemed as my words helped none in his fear.

I did not tell him that we wouldn't see Kyle again... That whole talk will be for another day. I want him to get settled here first before he learns about the long term.

I also left out the fact that we were staying here with Jason and Matilda- is wanted that to be a surprise to cheer him up when we all ate dinner together.

One of Jason's maids stopped by and dropped off some clothes for us Both as Owen slept. I could tell he was uncomfortable even in his sleep, and all I wanted was to get out of the damn dress. The maid explained how these were Matilda's and Ricky's clothes and that they will be getting us our own soon before she moved off to do more chores.

I helped him into his new clothes after his panic died down a bit, and by time we were both ready, it was time to head down to the dining room... if I remember where that is, exactly.

My outfit was simple, and I could tell it was Matilda's least favorite clothes. She preferred floral and designed blouses, and skinny jeans.  Mine, however, was a plain turquoise t-shirt; and a pair of comfortable, black leggings.

Owen's outfit seemed to be quite new. The plastic tie that kept the tag on the collar was still there, though the tag itself was not. It was quite nice though with its Paw Patrol logo on the front of the shirt. Owen is in love with the show. The fabric clung to him a bit, seeing as it was a shirt from a boy smaller than him. Otherwise, it fit just fine. They provided him with jean shorts that fell to his knees- which Owen complained about because he could 'feel the wind breathing on his legs'- which apparently just now he doesn't like... sigh.

Somehow, I ended up convincing him to get over it so we can go eat- mama was HUNGRY.

Owen's hand fell into mine as we moved out of the bedroom, and I lead him down the long hall and to the grand staircases.

Moving down the stairs was absolutely breathtaking. Going up, you only saw the the stairs ahead of you, but going down, you could view the high ceiling above and the many large windows to the outside. It was amazing to look around and see how big just the foyer was.

The maids started to notice our confusion as we looked around the foyer, trying to decide which room to enter to reach the dining room. One kindly escorted us to it soon after.

Owen's gloomy face was replaced with surprise and excitement as we entered the large dining room. Matilda and Ricky sat across from each other at the long table, Jason sat right at the head.

Owen's grip on my hand loosened as he started running off toward the mahogany table where Ricky sat. The little boy looked just as surprised at our arrival. They hugged each other and whispered to each other- which made them both giggle tremendously.

A small smile curled up on my lips as I watched the cute encounter, my feet started off towards Matilda's side soon after.

She stood up as I neared, opening her arms out for our own small embrace- which I gladly took. Though, once in her arms, she whispered something so faint, barely I could hear it. "You shouldn't be here" I made out from her words, confusion creeping up onto my face. She just showed her normal, pleasant smile before releasing me and sitting back down.

I stood there for a moment, trying to understand what she meant by that. Was she not happy to see us? That's not like her...

"Laine?" Jason's voice snaps me out of my thoughts, startling me a bit. "Are you alright?" He questions.

"Oh- yes." My head bobs as I move to take a seat. "It just got me how much I missed you guys while we were gone." I lie, letting out a deep breath.

Jason stares at me for a long moments before setting his eyes on his plate full of food. "Well, let's not let this get too cold. Go on, eat." He tells us before digging into his meal. Matilda began to eat too, glancing to Owen and I every few seconds. What the hell was she going on about?

"Moooooommmmmy." Owen drags out from across the table. He uses his fork to push around the mashed potatoes, corn, and pork chops. "I want Dino bites." He whines, looking to his food in disgust. "I'm allergic to this plate!"

I just give him a hard stare for a minute before pointing to his meal. "Eat it, Owen. I want no complaints or you can't play with Ricky after dinner."

He pouts heavily, wiping the frustrated tears from his eyes (He cries every time I tell him no). Owen slowly picks up a small bit of potatoes on his fork, eating it slowly and with utter disgust. Ah, not my problem.

The rest the table eats in silence, not paying attention to anything but their own food. Soon, I'd begin eating as well, finishing the plate soon after. We hadn't eaten since breakfast- which was quite early this morning.

After dinner was over, Jason left to his office, leaving us supervised by a guard in the dining room. Why was the guard needed? We were inside the mansion? It really made no sense.

I turned in my seat to Matilda with a questioning glare. "What did you mean earlier by-" I was cut off by Matilda's hand flying over my mouth.

"We cannot talk about it here." She speaks in a faint whisper, almost inaudibly. "Meet me in the laundry room by the bathroom down here. Third row door on the right of the hallway in the middle of the stairs." She directs. "Two in the morning... Got it?" She speaks in worry, her whisper just as faint as before.

The guard caught on to our whispering and began forward, stopping when he got close to our chairs. I began to laugh as he did so, just as if Matilda had told a joke. The guard would relax, and I would leave a baffled Matilda wondering as I turned toward the boys who were playing at the other side of the table.

Are we in danger by being here? Well- of course we are... but who is the danger? Kyle's wrath? Or...Jason's?

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