Chapter 28

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The Wedding Day...

I stand in front of the fine-crafted, maple, full-body mirror, taking deep breaths to keep myself calm. I've never been this nervous before... I mean, the wedding's today. My wedding day...

Sure, back before I left Kyle, my dreams were filled with visions of this day. They depicted us being the happiest we've ever been. All they showed was our smiles after say, "I do."

But now, I don't believe those smiles will be shared. I don't see people partying and having fun after the ceremony, I see them sitting at the tables eating excruciatingly slow and staring at my every move.

These visions made me want to just throw off the dress, and dive out the window in an attempt to escape- but I know that won't work.

My hands ran over the silky-ness of my dress' cream skirt, straightening it out. The wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous, even I couldn't deny it. It fit my curves wonderfully, and for the first time in a while, I actually felt beautiful.

Growing up, I wasn't the skinniest of kids, I was pretty chubby and short. From teasing and the bullying I received, I became quite lacking in the self confidence region. For a while, I had none. I almost became anorexic in tenth grade because of it- part of the reason was being dirt poor, trying to provide for my father.

Some of these self-image issues were carried into my adult life, and it's something I struggle with everyday. Today though, with my dress, and my hair done up, I felt truly beautiful. All those fears left me in the moment.

The door swings open, causing me to nearly jump. It brought me out of my thoughts and back into the real world. Owen rushes into the room with big, red, puffy cheeks. He carries a tie in his right hand, his outfit buttoned horrendously.

"Mommy I don't want to wear this... it's itchy!" He whines, stomping his feet.

I mentally sigh, moving over to him. I'd crouch down to his level, taking the tie from his hand. "I know it's itchy, so is my dress." I relate, nodding my head. "But can we make a compromise? Do you remember what that is?"

"A com-pro-mise?" He sounds out, looking to be in deep thought about it. "Is it when we make everyone happy?" He questions.

"Mostly, yes." My head bobs as I put the tie around his neck to start tying it. "If you wear this during the ceremony... Once we get to the reception, I'll let you take it off and wear pajamas. Okay?"

Owen's eye widen, almost gasping. "But Mommy! You said we are only allowed to wear pajamas out when we are too sick to take them off!" He exclaims.

I tie his tie neatly, pushing past his silent squirming to get it off. "Well, todays a special case. It's a very special day. And I need you to be good. If I let you wear your pajamas at the reception, will you wear this suit for the ceremony?"

Owen scrunches his nose, letting out a groan. "Fine! Can I wear the Spider-Man pajamas?" He asks with a tilted head.

"Mhm," I sound, nodding me head. "Now, go get the pajamas and I'll pack them into the bag, okay?"

Owen bobs his head, dashing out the door quickly. As he does so, I rise back up to my feet, straightening out my dress.

Owen returns within a matter of minutes, the pajamas in hand. I take them, placing them in a small travel bag, along with other things for him and I if need be. We depart from the room, descending down the large stairs.

I grab my son's hand as we reach the bottom. Two maids hold open the wide front doors for us to walk through, one listing the instructions before we depart. "You'll go into the third car right there." She points to the black car at the second to last of the line. "Boss will be in the one in front of you, and guards will be in the front and back cars."

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