Chapter 26

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Sorry for making this Third Person POV again! This chapter is a flash back... So it makes sense to me!

Flashback... Third Person POV...

As the new school day starts, Kyle can't seem to want anything but to go home. His homeroom / first period science teacher- was an absolute bitch. Or so he thought-

He was probably the only one in the entire school to feel that way. Mrs. Montgomery was adored by the whole student population! Maybe that was his problem with her. She was liked, and too kind.

She always offered him after school tutoring- which he denied every time. She'd go on tangents to him after school about how much potential he would have... if he did his work.

Kyle aced every test given to him, yet his grade remained either C's or D's. He never had time after school to do his homework or projects.

Everyday, right after school, his father would drag him to the weight room to train for hours and hours. Sometimes, if his work wasn't satisfactory, his father would refuse him a break for dinner.

Besides, a stupid worksheet on thing he already knows is just time wasted to work on. He was to be a mafia king, not a scientist.

The only reason he even was enrolled there was so that his father could live knowing he didn't raise an idiot.

Now, Kyle was smart, really smart actually. He picked up the topics he was taught quickly and aced the tests given to him. He actually barely got a B or below on his exams. Like before, it was the homework that brought him down. Taking the classes he was, homework made up about twenty percent of his overall grade. For what horrible reason? We really don't know.

Deep down, though he hadn't shown it, Kyle loved school. He loved being away from his father and just life in general. He loved to learn about things other than how to make business deals, or how to be smart when deceiving clients. At school he could dream about being what he really wanted to be. An English teacher. Odd dream for a heir to the mafia? Huh? Well of course. There wasn't one other mafia man in the world who wanted to be an English teacher- well that he could think of at the time.

Kyle had always been so interested in teaching what he loved so much. To read. He never was given the chance to do so at home, but he would spend hours after school in library, just reading. Of course to his father, he'd blame it on detention.


The day was December 5th, 2003. Kyle had just sat down in his World History class, ready to start his school day. The class had an essay due that day- which of course Kyle didn't do, nor was he nervous. He sat patiently at his desk, staring at the board. He hated how long it took the teacher to start teaching. It was quite annoying.

As the teacher made his way to the board, an unfamiliar face popped into the door. He had fawn, slicked-back hair-doo, and wore all leather with it. What is he? A greaser?

Kyle groaned as the class was delayed... again. It wasn't like he had friends to talk to during the waiting period. He didn't have friends at all.

His father forbid it, he didn't want anyone to interfere with Kyle and his life. Besides, it taught him the important lesson: Do not trust anyone.

"Class, this is Julian Devore, he's our new transfer from Italy!" The teacher speaks with a bit of exaggerated excitement. He looked over to Julian, beginning to speak very, very slow. "Do you speak English?" He questions, dragging out the words.

The new kid looked angry more than anything. He scoffed, crossing his arms. "What am I? A fucking idiot? If you did your job and looked at my file, you would have seen my perfected English note. But no, you lazy dumbass." He curses at the teacher, pushing past him. He'd stomp over to the empty seat beside Kyle, plopping down in it.

The class was dead silent afterward, some students looking over-dramatically horrified, and some holding in their laugh.

Kyle? He looked infuriated. This newbie pushed the lesson back even further. All he wanted to do was learn.

He watched as the teacher dialed the office number in the phone, but turned his gaze to Julian. "You fuckin' dumbass." Kyle curses at him in a hushed tone.

"Who are you to be talkin' to me like this?" Julian hisses, relaxing in his seat.

"More than you know." Kyle scoffs, "Just shut the fuck up so we can start the lesson, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah." Julian scoffs, sinking down into the seat. "So, are you a nerd or something?"

Kyle blinks, shaking his head out of disappointment. "A nerd? You have to have better insults than that. That was just lame." He squints.

"Aye, don't blame me too hard," Julian speaks, lifting his hands up in surrender. "English isn't my first language, I'm not familiar with all the slurs."

"Anyway. I am not a nerd. I just value education, that is all." Kyle speaks nonchalantly.   

"Whatever you say," Julian speaks as he rolls his eyes. "You know, for a nerd you don't really look like one." He shrugs lightly.

"What do you mean?"

"Your clothes, hair, and face all just make you look like an edgy rich boy." Julian laughs loudly.

Kyle would just stare at Julian for a few moments before sending a dismissive wave, along with the kind words of: "Fuck you."

The rest of the class was spent without speaking to one another. Kyle focused on the lesson, and Julian focused on anything other than that.



I've been way too busy over the past two weeks! I know this chapter is a bit boring and kinda unfinished, but I wanted to get it out there, and hopefully next week the next chapter will continue this small story.

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