Chapter 4

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When we arrived in Florida, Jason was already dragging me to his office so we can start on the legal things. He had hired a lawyer, who was there waiting for us.

The meeting lasted about two hours and, in that time, we constructed a whole new identity.

My name was now Laine Robyn Hower from Williston, North Dakota. I kept my name in there, my mother was the one who came up with it, so I never wanted to let it go.

We pieced together a whole new person. They changed my hair color, gave me contacts for eye color and told me the most horrid news I could've imagined.

After my mother's death, I fell into a deep depression. After a year and a half, I started to see the light of the world again. And as my final act of mourning, I got my mother's name tattooed on my left shoulder. It put me at peace with her passing. But now, they told me I had to have it replaced.

I took a few moments to myself, using the bathroom to cry. I have been such an emotional wreck since that night... He made me believe that he truly cared for me. I should've known better than to trust a fucking mobster.


His lips crashed onto mine, his force rough, but passionate. I could feel the sparks running through my veins as he kissed me. It was so hard to pull back, it was like a game of tug of war. My heart pulled me in, but my brain pushed me out. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Our chests touched as he held me, not parting our lips for a moment.

He loosened his grip, starting to trail his kisses down my neck. I could feel where the hickeys would form.

This was wrong. This was so, so wrong.

He's dangerous. He kills people with those hands... He plays women with his lips. I place my hands on his chest, pushing back from him. He barely protests at my actions, but gives me a look of confusion.

"I'm NOT just a toy you can fuck when you want. You cannot keep kissing me to shut me up!" I glare at him, my tone laced with seriousness.

"I can sure damn try." He shrugs off my anger, giving me a sinister smirk, before pulling me in again.

His mouth was on mine again, this time, more demanding. His transition to my neck was faster this time, and I tried to conceal myself. These kisses lasted for what seemed like forever, my body gave into him.

Then, my brain kicked in. I can't believe I let him kiss me again. Stupid Robyn! Stupid!

I pushed him back once more, panting like crazy. "I can't- we can't- this isn't right." I'd tell him, trying to catch my breath.

"What isn't right?" He smirks, stalking towards me.

I'd hold out my hands, preventing him from coming closer. "This. You- you kidnapped me! And I'm making out with you! That's insane!" I exclaim, feeling the swollen mess of my lips.

I quickly rush out of the living room, darting for my bedroom.

End of Flashback...

The next day, Jason took me to the hairdresser and we changed my golden brown hair to a natural ginger color. My once green eyes were covered with hazel ones. Looking in the mirror was a whole new face. I barely recognized myself. They cut off the hair I took years to grow. They shortened it to my shoulders, thinning it and styling it.

Jason then took me to the tattoo place where they would change my tattoo to something entirely different. I made sure Jason took a picture of the original for me. I hoped to get it developed as soon as I could.

The process was painful, and I kept my tears concealed as the tattoo artist designed over it. I really was a new person. My mother's name was covered with a classic rose tattoo.

The night before, Jason kept me in a nice hotel for the night. He had some business to attended to at his home before I could join him there. I wasn't upset about it, at least I had a place to sleep.

Tonight though, he was going to bring me there, to his home. I climbed into the car after the tattoo parlor, absolutely defeated. We drove in silence for about twenty minutes before he spoke up.

"Hey, before we get there, there is something you should know." He starts, glancing over at me.

"Yeah?" I respond, waiting for his elaboration.

"So, I haven't mentioned this before, because I needed to make sure helping you and offering a place to stay was alright... but , I have a wife. Her name is Matilda. That's why I couldn't bring you here last night. I had to sit down and talk to her about it." He tells me, I can't deny that I wasn't a little disappointed though. He was fucking hot, but I'm no home wrecker. "I have to tell you though, at first, she was not happy about the arrangement, but after a bit, she caved in. She's not one to be jealous, she's just shy around others." He explains to me. "I just wanted to tell you to avoid confusion later on."

"Oh- alright." I nod as we pull up to a gated entrance. Damn, he really is rich.

"Here we are." He says, parking in front a grand house. It was painted white, with silver arches decorating the porch, holding up a small balcony. There were about three stories, and the windows were the size of double doors. It looked like the White House in a way.

"Woah..." I gasp as I step out of his vehicle. I take in the scenery, glancing at the garden, garage, and house.

Standing in the doorway is a lady, looking to be about 5'4''. She would have golden, straight hair, and would wear a cute yellow sundress... even though it was now nighttime. She had a small smile on her lips, and Jason would walk ahead of me, placing a soft peck on her cheek and wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Tilly, this is Robyn- we'll, now Laine." He introduces me, correcting the name. "Laine, this is my wife Matilda."

I'd move forward, extending my hand to her, with a smile on my lips. I was nervous, hoping she wouldn't be a total self absorbed bitch. And luckily, she wasn't.

"Hello," she'd greet me, shaking my hand firmly, with a welcoming grin.

"I am so sorry to intrude and stay at your home." I apologize. "I promise, I'll be out as soon as I get back on my feet." I tell her, not wanting her to think I'm some sham.

"No no," she shakes her head, giving off a small laugh. "You are welcome for as long as you need. I cannot imagine how terrified and scarred you are by this whole situation." She assures me, waving me into the house.

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