Chapter 19

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Robyn's POV...

Kyle has been gone for a week and a half now. He left for business a few hours after we bathed Owen. He seemed frustrated and furious, and it was clear that the anger was pointed at me.

After Owen's bath, we ate some dinner together. Kyle ordered take-out Chinese food, and we ate our noodles silently. But, it wasn't long after the silence spun that he was standing abruptly to his feet, slamming his fist onto the table.

"I can't believe you, Robyn." He growled, "How could you have done this? That is MY son! Why haven't I known about him?!" Kyle shouts

Owen jumped, and so did I, but our son expressed his fear in another way than myself. He climbed off his wooden seat, and rushed onto my lap, hugging onto me tightly.

My glare reached Kyle's eyes, and his cold demeanor looked regretful of his words and actions at the movements of Owen. "Nice job." I scoff, running a soft hand through my son's jet black hair to calm him.

Kyle just stares at us for a long time, barely even blinking. He had every right to be angry, but NOT in front of Owen.

After a few minutes, Kyle storms off, slamming the dining room door behind him. Owen jumps in my hold a bit before beginning to cry loudly. It was easy to tell that he was terrified.

"Hush, Owen..." My voice soothes, rocking slightly on the dark-wooden chair. Owen's cries soften, but it was clear that he was still shaken up. "He didn't mean to shout... he was just mad that someone ate all his cookies." I fib, kissing his forehead lightly.

"I'll give him a cookie." Owen sniffles, picking up a fortune cookie from the table. He slides off my lap holding out his hand. "C'mon Mama... Let's make him happy again." He wipes the remainder of his tears, sniffling as he does.

"One moment..." I speak, grabbing a napkin from the middle of the large, glass table. "Blow." My voice commands kindly as I hold the tissue at his nose.

He does as I ask, scrunching up his face and blowing into the tissue. My hand removes the dirty tissue, placing it on one of the empty, but dirty plates.

"Can we go now Mommy?! Please!" Owen whines, tugging my arm. L

"Yes, okay!" I say, letting out a long sigh. My legs push me to my feet, and my hand grabs Owen's small one. He immediately takes off into a run, leaving me to jog to keep up with him. "Up these stairs," I tell him, leading the way to Kyle's office.

We jog up the marble stairs, almost slipping twice, but bursting into a bunch of laughs as we did so. Owen's excitement never ceases, and he runs like a madman. "This way!" I call, pointing to the right. We follow the short hallway, and Owen pounds on the office door.

"Cookie!" He giggles, throwing his hands up. It isn't long before the door opens, and an angry Kyle fades into a calmer one.

Owen lifts his hand, offering the bow crushed fortune cookie out to his father, giggling uncontrollably. "Now you can't be mad! No ones gonna take you're cookie!"

Kyle gives me a questioning look before turning his attention back down to Owen. He crouches down to his height, taking the fortune cookie into his hand. "Thank you, Bud." He speaks with a soft smile.

"Mhm!" Owen sounds, rocking onto his tippy toes. "Are you still mad?" He questions, tilting his head lightly.

Kyle plops the cookie into his mouth, eating it quickly before giving Owen a devilish look. "I'm not mad." He speaks before pulling Owen forward and beginning to tickle him.

Owen falls to the floor in a fit of laugh. He squirms, kicking his legs and throwing his arms around. "Stop it!" He giggles, "I can't breathe!"

After a few more seconds, Kyle stops his attack, picking Owen off the ground, setting him on his feet.

I watch the scene in awe, they were so natural with each other, even though they had barely known each other yet.

Kyle moves to me, putting his face near my ear to whisper a few words. "Can I tell him?" He questions, to which I nod my head, yes.

I may wish to leave Kyle, and run with Owen away from this life, but I can't risk Owen's safety.

Never, ever will I marry the man, but I know that under his wing, no harm will come to Owen, and that's my main concern.

The consequences of him telling Owen ran through my mind after I said yes, and they came at lightening speed. What if Owen favors Kyle? Will I be cast aside? Will Kyle start pushing me to the side? Or will he take my baby away completely? I prayed and prayed in those moments for God to forbid such things to happen.

Kyle moved away from me, scooping up Owen in his arms playfully. He swings him around a bit before resting the energetic boy on his hip. "Owen, do you know what a daddy is?" Kyle questions in an oddly soft tone, one I've never encountered before.

Kyle's eyes glisten with joy as he holds his son in his arms, and they fit perfectly together. They were like twins, the only difference being that Owen was just a child. Almost everything matched, making it undoubtably easy to see that they were related.

Owen shakes his head lightly, before perking himself up with a hint of curiosity etched in his face. "Oh! Ricky calls Uncle Jason, daddy! Does that make you Ricky's friend?"

Kyle furrows his eyebrows in a bit of confusion, seeing as Owen made no sense, but his calm smile remains on his face. "A daddy is someone who helped bring you into this world... Do you know who your daddy is?"

"Uhhhh.... Elmo?" Owen looks a bit confused, but I would be too if I thought Elmo was my dad.

Kyle let's out a short laugh, shifting Owen on his hip. "No, I'm your daddy." He speaks lightly, waiting calmly for a response.

"Ooh! Really?! I was always too mad that Ricky got to say daddy, because I wanted to! Now I can show him that I've got one too!" Owen exclaims, hugging onto Kyle tightly, while facing me. "Mommy! When can we see Ricky and Auntie 'tilda and Uncles Jason again?!" He asks excitedly. "I've got ta' tell them about this!"

My face falls into a light frown. I don't think we'll ever see them again. Maybe it's for the best... they don't deserve to feel my fear anymore... or worry about us... we have caused so much stress for them, and I hate it.

"I don't know, Owen. Maybe another day in the future." I answer, going silent to let Kyle have his moment with Owen.

Oh what am I going to do now? I can't run... I can't take Owen away without being killed... What is going to become of us? Because I sure as hell know that I will NEVER let Owen become what his father is.


I am so sorry for such a long awaited chapter! As you've probably read in the authors note, I was struggling to write this chapter, a bit of writers block cane into play.


I'm going to try and post new chapters on Thursday's, just so I'll have some order and I won't stress to much about each chapter.

I hope you enjoyed!

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