Chapter 35

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The days slowly passed after I made the call to Kyle. Every day seemed to be the same. Wake up, shower, eat, watch TV, eat, talk to Matilda, watch TV, eat, watch TV, sleep, and repeat.

You would think that with an estate so large, they would have more things to do. As it turns out, there somehow was nothing. No tennis courts, volleyball nets, pools, basketball hoops, lakes, or gardens. The outside was absolutely dull.

The back yard consisted of a furnished deck area, but after that, it was just an acre or two of plains before the woods hit.

I guess with all this business work, no one has the time to run around, but it was quite bizarre that Jason wouldn't invest in any activities at all.

Back in Florida, he always talked about playing volleyball with his friends on Saturdays. I wonder if that was what he was really doing.

Either way, it was needless to say that I was bored, hell, even Owen was bored out of his mind- and that boy is never bored.

"So, what is Kyle like over there? Is he as horrible as you mentioned?" Matilda questions as we rest in the comfortable lawn chairs, "I hope he isn't hurting you or Owen."

"He's not the... worst person in the world I suppose," I reply, tilting my head to the left in her direction, "he cares for Owen, but I'm scared I guess. Staying with him means Owen will become him. That's pretty terrifying for me. Then, he says he wants another child because he missed out on Owen's baby-hood. It's ridiculous. He can be ridiculous."

"Well, I mean he isn't wrong for him to want another. He just shouldn't expect you to be the one to... you know, provide."

"I guess you make a point there, it's just frustrating. He's the one who pushed me away the first time, and now he expects so much from me. I just want Owen's happiness, but is it selfish to also want my own?"

"It isn't selfish at all, actually," Matilda responds, shrugging her shoulders, "from what you have told me about your past life and all, it's almost like you've never had a break, and never had a moment just to decompress and think about yourself. Just ask yourself what you want, and try to incorporate that into what Owen needs." She pauses for a moment, letting out a soft sigh. "Owen needs his father in his life, so work around that. I mean, you're already married to the guy, just give it a chance. If it doesn't work out, try shared custody."

"You make it sound so easy." I roll my eyes, shifting onto my left side a bit.

"It can be if you let it. It isn't easy to forget the past, and I understand that. He was an asshole back then, and did some horrible things to your heart, but now he is trying. He's trying to protect you and Owen, and he wants to provide you both it's a life where you don't have to work all day, everyday, and still come out short on rent money. He's trying to be the one you needed back then. Think about that."

Nodding my head, I close my eyes for a moment in my thoughts. I hadn't looked at it this way before. In my head, Kyle was just the bad guy, all the time, but now... I can see that he has changed. Still, he gets on my nerves whenever he has the chance, but he isn't just playing with me. He realizes that things have changed... and perhaps Owen and I are worth fighting for.

"You are right... oh I can't wait until I'm out-" my voice lowers into a whisper, "of this hell. Maybe things will be different between him and I... husband and wife."

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