Chapter 20

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Matilda's POV...

I'm going fucking insane. A whole week trapped in this room. The stupid ass maid comes in here every day and brings food.     -which I'm always afraid is poisoned- and that's basically it.

There's nothing but TV, which is making Ricky go even more insane. He complains about being hungry (even though we just ate) every other minute, and in-between, he runs around the room like a mad man screaming about boredom. Which really fucking sucks because I'm trying to watch Grey's Anatomy.

The guard allows us to take a shower every day (thank God), this would be ten times worse if I was gross and disgusting.

"MOMMY!" Ricky exclaims, speaking very, very loudly, right into my ear

My face cringes and I start to realize that I'm going to need hearing aids because he just popped my ear drum. I turn my head, drawing it back from him. "What?"

Ricky then proceeds to tackle me on the bed, yelling even louder. "PLAY PIRATES WITH ME PWEEEEEASE!"

I roll off the bed, picking Ricky up by his armpits. "Calm the hell down!" My voice raises slightly, holding him right up equal to my face.

"Mommy said a bad word! Hell! Hell! Hell!" Ricky mimics, causing me to drop him back onto the bed.

"Don't ever say that again! Do you hear me?" My mommy voice comes out. "Those are mommy and daddy words! Not Ricky words!"

It seems that my frustration was getting the best of me, seeing that Ricky has started to tear up. "Sorry..." He speaks in a soft, saddened voice.

I close my eyes, letting out a small sigh. My feet shuffle over to the bed. "I'm sorry for getting angry, but just- don't say that word again okay?"

He bobs his head, sniffling lightly before moving to give me a timid hug, which I gladly accept. My body climbs onto the bed, settling Ricky next to me as I turn the TV back on. "What do you want to watch, hon?"

"Paw Patrol!" He exclaims happily as I enter the search bar. The show comes on and after a minute or so of watching, my mind gets bored and wanders off into the abyss of my thoughts.

I wonder what Jason was doing now... Was he searching for me? What was he doing to get us out of this hell hole? It's easy to tell that Jason loves Ricky and me, seeing as we are his family... Though, I haven't seen anything on the news about our disappearance. Does that mean he was taken as well?

There are no words to describe how much I miss him. It's been weeks since we last saw each other, and I'm going mad.

Speaking of mad. This fucking maid lady is getting on my last nerve. Last night she served my chicken cold! Some of the peas on the plate were still frozen! It's horrible how my son and I have to eat when we have done nothing wrong.

I don't know... maybe that's just my entitlement speaking.

My mind then drifts off to Laine and Owen. Were they safe? Was Owen's father treating her right? Ugh! Such a shitty situation we are in! I just want to go back to a few weeks ago when we were all happy together! Now my son and I are stuck here, missing my husband and our friends.

I've lost all hope in seeing Laine or Owen again, seeing as they are now in the hold of one of the most vicious gangs on the west coast... but I still have hope in seeing Jason again. If they would let me meet with this boss guy, maybe we could negotiate, but no. They want us to be trapped in this boring ass room!

I can't even watch Grey's Anatomy anymore! Jason will be beyond pissed when he finds out I'm two seasons ahead of him!

Holy fuck I've been kidnapped and all I care about is a fucking TV show! Instead, I should be planning for an escape, but no! I can't stop watching a fictional hospital show!

Fuck it. Another season can't hurt.

Robyn/ Kyle Flashback (Four Years Ago)...

Greg and Harry shuffle into my room sheepishly and slow. I look up from the files laid out on my desk, confusion hitting my features. "Who is this?" I question as my eyes study the girl in Greg's arms.

She was unconscious, her brown locks of hair dangling from her head, yearning to reach the floor. Her bright complexion blinded anyone around. She wore no makeup, which was hard to tell, seeing as she had no noticeable pimples or acne itself at the moment. The girl's cheeks were colored like a light crimson blush, adding life to her face. The only flaw from where I stood was the growing bruise on her forehead. It was already a light shade of purple, but the length of reached half of her forehead.

She was hot. I've seen many, many hot girls, but no one quite like this. Her whole demeanor wasn't slutty like the other women. She wore a plain t-shirt with skinny jeans.

Greg clears his throat, snapping me out of my trance. My head snaps back up to the men, expecting their answer. They look between each other, neither speaking. "Are you going to tell me or what? Or am I going to have to get it out of you another way?"

Harry takes a step forward, beginning to speak. "I-I'm sorry sir... She was just roaming around the docks, and we caught her before she could reach the trade." He explains. "I don't think she's a spy... S-so we didn't bring her to the cells. She had a duffel bag full of clothes, i-it was like she was running away. B-besides. All the cells are filled with m-men, so it'd be dangerous to put her in there."

His stuttering irritates me, but I brush it off. My eyes study the men, clearly annoyed that they bothered me with this mess, but part of me understood their reasoning. "What the fuck am I supposed to do with her up here, you fucks?!" My questioning tone rings as I stand up from my desk chair.

They both shrug in sync, a worried expression crossing their faces. "We don't know, boss. All we know is that the cells are not a safe place right now... especially with her being unconscious." Greg answers, shifting her uncomfortably in his arms.

My voice lets out a low groan as I make my way to the front of my desk. "Just throw her into the guest bedroom, I'll deal with her tomorrow." I order, leaning against my desk. "Lock the door, and one of you can guard it tonight."

I did not need this shit right now. Never in my life have I let a woman stay in my house. Usually, she's kicked to the curb the moment I'm done with her. So why is this bitch so special? She's hot as fuck, yes. For all we know she could be the enemy.

My feet shuffle back to my desk, letting out a sigh as my ass hits the cool leather. So much paperwork, so little time.

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