Chapter 9

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"Welcome home."

His eyes look menacing, like he could just reach out and gut me at any moment. He looked full of hatred, it was like he loathed my presence. Which he most likely does. Kyle's chest rises and falls slowly, like he is breathing slowly to calm himself. His eyes bore into my own, sending a shiver down my spine. Not for a second does he look away, but as the moments pass, his angry aura turns down, revealing a softer one.

I wipe my swollen eyes and stuffy nose, there was no use crying any longer. It was time. He was going to kill me.

"If you are going to do it, make it fast." I gulp, my voice low and nasal. All my heart wants is for it to all be over. There is no option of living without my son and there is no way in hell Kyle will ever touch him. His face morphs into a confused expression as he tries to understand what exactly my words meant.

"Do what?" He questions, his voice staying low, full of uncertainty. "Kill you?" I take a sharp breath in as he says it, which just makes him smirk. "Ah... I see. Do you really think I'd make it that easy for you?" He laughs in my face. "No, I'm going to make you pay for leaving me." His smirk turns devilish as he rises to his feet.

"Why?" I ask him, my voice just above a whisper. I'd be screaming at him if my throat wasn't worn out. "Why am I so important? Just. Kill. Me. There isn't anything that you need me for. All this work to bring me here is just petty of you." My mouth sneers.

Kyle would laugh again, the deep sound vibrating through his chest. "I brought you here because you are mine." His cold laugh would turn into a growl, his eyes almost darkening at his words.

This time, instead of him laughing, I did. My voice howled with laughter, even to the point of tears. "Funny." The back of my hand would wipe the tears from my eyes and, when I was able to see again, the anger in his face was clear.

He came close to me. Like, really, really close. To the point where his face was barely an inch away from mine. His anger radiated off of him in waves. "Robyn. You are mine."

I roll my eyes, this was utterly ridiculous. He was the one that pushed me away. "Bipolar, are we now?" My head shakes out of disapproval. "I could have sworn that you were the one who told me to get out of your room. You were the one who made it very clear that I meant nothing to you." My own anger rose, my expressions showed it very clearly to Kyle.

For a moment, his eyes flashed with guilt, but in the next moment, it was gone. "I want to settle down." Kyle states, looking me in the eyes with a bored expression. "And you are the only woman who has given two shits about me." He shrugs, backing away a bit.

I let out a loud laugh, the tears of laughter filling my eyes once more. "You think...(laugh) That I- (laugh) Will ever take you back?" Kyle's face just continuously gets angrier and angrier as I speak.

His hand grabs the bottom of my face harshly, his eyes red with fury. "You will take me back." He commands, a smirk playing at his lips. "Or I'll make sure that Jason and Matilda get into a little 'accident'."

The anger rises to it's peak in me, and I slap him hard across the face. "You asshole!" My voice roars as my arms push me to my feet. "You will do no such thing!" Pushing past him, the sound of him rising makes its way to my ears.

"Oh really?" He questions, and I can hear the sinister nature behind his voice. "Don't test me. Or I'll make sure their two boys are with them." Kyle threatens, causing me to stop. My body turns to him, his figure merely inches from mine.

Confusion is laced in my eyes, and he notices it. Two? They only have- oh. He means my son. Our son he doesn't know about. Fuck- well, he knows about him... Just not that he is our FUCKING SON.

"Don't you dare." I snap, slapping him once again. His figure barely flinches this time, his anger becoming more apparent. "You're cruel. Those two boys are still young, they haven't even lived yet. You're willing to take their precious lives for the false love of mine?" My head shakes and I fume with anger. He may be furious, but my feelings are far more extreme. He was threatening my baby's life. "You're a monster. I will never take you back. I'd rather die."

The words I spoke must have hit a nerve, his face flashed with hurt and guilt. "You may say that now. But you are mine. You'll see that soon." He talks soothingly, caressing my cheek lightly. I shiver, his touch felt right.... But it was so wrong. He hurt me. His words broke me, and all these years I've been running from him.

My leg slams into his calf, causing him to curse out a handful of words. "Don't fucking touch me." I glare at him, "You had your chance with me and you blew it, so fuck you." My voice is laced with venom, sadness no longer had a hold on me, it was anger that had me as a puppet.

"I wouldn't stop you." He sarcastically replied, regaining his own evil thoughts. Kyle would smirk as he strode back towards me. His lips would move close to my ear, and he'd whisper, "And watch it with the curses, you don't know how sexy you sound when you do." After those words, he passed me, moving to the door. "Oh- Lunch will be ready in twenty minutes. Don't be late." His demanding voice sounds.

With that said, Kyle moves out the door, shutting it tight behind him. My cheeks would be flushed with red, his words about my cursing was embarrassing to say the least. I didn't know how to feel nor what to do. His words kept ringing in my head, and it all became too much. There is no doubt that I need to escape. Owen needs me, but how will I do it?

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