Chapter 13

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Robyn's POV...

Are you kidding me? Marriage? Who does he think he is?! He first kidnaps me, gets me pregnant, breaks my heart, kidnaps me again, acts like a little bitch and now is forcing me into marriage with his sorry ass.

What goes through this man's head? If only he wasn't such a self-centered ass, maybe we could have been happy. Maybe Owen would know his father and we wouldn't be in this fucking mess. But no, we have to do everything the hard way.

If he thinks I'll walk up that altar and say 'I do', he is very mistaken. Why does he want me now? Why didn't he want me when I was willing to be his?

You know, Owen is so much like him. We will go out to the diner and I'll order ice cream, but he'll tell me he doesn't want any. Right as we walk out of that door, he's whining to go back in and get the dessert.

And this is with EVERYTHING.

Owen is also a splitting image of Kyle. Like freakishly similar in looks. I barely see myself in him. When I look at Kyle, Owen protrudes through his features and my mind falls at ease, knowing that my baby is safe. That's really all that's keeping me going these days.

It's been hard though, ever since I freaked out on him for forcing our engagement, he hasn't made an appearance. Instead, a slutty maid serves me food every few hours.

She hikes her skirt up to extreme heights, pulls her shirt down as far as it can go (in my opinion, one more tug and a nip slip will take place), and there isn't a moment when she isn't flipping her hair.

Now, I'm not slut shaming her, her appearance isn't really what slutty about her, it's her attitude and bitchy insults that make her what she is.

At least if I'm forced to marry this prick, I can fire that bitch right away.


My head turns to the sound of the door opening. Expecting it to be that bitch, my attempts to do anything but lay on the bed, sulking in my own grief, cease to exist. "Just leave it on the dresser and fuck off, I'm tired of your bitchy bullshit." I sneer, staring up at the ceiling.

"I'm tired of yours as well." An annoyed voice sounds. It's deeper than the maids, but higher than Kyle's. My head snaps up to the voice, and rests on an younger looking man, seeming to be in his early twenties. He has toffee skin, jet black hair and fairly thin, but defined muscles drive through his shirt.

"Who the hell are you?" I question, propping myself up with my elbows. His uncaring look morphs into a happy one, inviting himself in. "I'm Wayne." He greets.

"Okay, Wayne." My voice sounds firm, a hint of annoyance thrown in for my own pleasure. Maybe by being a bitch, Kyle will change his mind about marrying me. "What do you need?"

"Boss sent me to help you find a dress." He says simply. "He decided it'd be best to online shop, since I hear you're being trouble." He sighs. "Just a word of advice, you won't win on this. I've never seen him so set on something it's quite scary." Wayne almost whispers as he comes to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I told him I'm not marrying him, no matter what he does." My voice sounds confident on the outside while inside, I feel panicked; There really is no way out of this.

"Big mistake." He tsks, letting out a deep sigh. "I'd hate to see you dead. It happens too often here." Wayne's mood declines, and he slumps a bit before perking right back up. "Okay, back onto what I'm here to do... I've found a few dresses to choose from." He trails, handing me the IPad from his hands.

I scroll for a bit, clicking on a few to examine them. Every scroll I make causes my face to fall more. Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun and exciting, this just felt like torture.

After about an hour of picking and choosing, the dress is found. It's cream color, with lace around the torso. As the dress passes the hip area, it changes into a silk smooth skirt. The dress would be strapless and fell to the floor. It was stunning.

"Perfect choice," Wayne nods, taking back the IPad. "Boss will love it." He rises to his feet, offering a small smile. "I'll order it then. Oh, and Kyle would like to see you in his office."

My head dips in a nod, taking a deep breath. "Thanks," I say sluggishly, moving to stand along with him. "How do you get there again?" My questioning voice rings as he begins to leave.

"Follow me," He says, continuing on his leave. I trail behind him slowly, really wanting to hold off on seeing my captor. Wayne guides me through the long hallways, passing many rooms in the meantime. After a minute, we reach the office. "Here we are." He smiles, sending me another nod, before walking off.

My hand skims the door knob, opening it hesitantly. As I did, regret filled my emotions. Kyle sat at his desk, a half-naked woman on his lap. They suck at each other's faces, but break apart after they realize the door opened. Kyle tosses the woman off of him like a rag doll, and she races to put on her clothes. His face is a mixture of anger and regret, while mine was full of utter rage.

"You are forcing me to marry you, and this is what I get?" My voice comes out as cold and unforgiving. "You can't even be faithful, and you expect me to love you? This. Is. Bullshit." I sneer, pure disgust on my face.

His furtive glaces at me were guilt ridden. "Listen-" He starts, but I cut him off immediately.

"No." I say firmly. "I will not 'listen'. I will not answer to you. I am leaving. There will be no marriage, there will be no love. I will never give myself to someone as vile and cruel as you are. I used to think that you breaking my heart the first time was the worst thing in the world... Boy, I was wrong. It's this. It's this hell that you keep me trapped in. Just. Let. Me. Go." My rage spills, and my feet pull me out of the office, slamming the door shut behind me.

I will get out of here and back to my son, no matter what he tries to do.

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