Chapter 23

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"I can agree to that. But I've got a condition of my own. If I am to give you this power, and Owen a choice. You must give as well. I'll lay it out simple for you. You will give me a second child."

Third Person POV...

She nearly burst into a fit of laughter at his request, there was no way he could be meaning his words. Robyn knew that he understood how she felt about him, so this part of the deal felt like a whiff of humor from him. Inevitably though, it wasn't. Kyle's stone-cold face stayed the same as Robyn held back her laughing fit.

After a moment, it became clear to her what his intentions were. He wasn't joking. The thought of having another child with him nearly caused her to gag- in her head that is. She was revolted at the condition, believing whole-heartedly that he did not deserve for her to bless him with another gift like that.

He had taken her off the streets, which was kind, but that was nearly the only kind thing he has done for her- not counting saving her son. He led her to believe that he loved her and convinced her to give it up to him. He refused to let her leave his home, which, inevitably caused her to be on the run for almost four years. Then, he forced her back to him, and now forcing her into a loveless marriage- even though, he believes it will sprout into love one day... If she can help it, it won't.

Although she was grateful for his saving grace with Owen, the heartbreak that was caused by him all those years ago was something she just could not let go. She couldn't forget about how cold he had been towards her after she had given herself to him. The memory of his face full of hate would never leave her system. It was just too much on her shoulders. It was like the past was glued to her, and it'd become impossible to push off as it started to weigh her down.

Robyn couldn't wrap her head around why she was subjected to so much pain. She couldn't understand why her beloved child had to be born with the face of the man she hated. She couldn't get why he had led her on all those years ago. Now, she was facing a life-long decision to marry the man who brought so much hurt to her life.

Even though these truths pounded in her head, she never felt an ounce of regret for the things that had happened. If she hadn't felt the heavy sorrow all those years ago, and even still today. Her life wouldn't be the same. She wouldn't be able to hold her precious son, she would have never met the kind Matilda and Jason- who were saints in her mind for all their sacrifices. She couldn't bring herself to regret meeting them all and giving life to her beautiful son.

Even though she felt this way, the question he proposed still was sitting in the room of silence. Was she willing to bring another life into this dangerous world? To condemn them to a life of heartache and cold stares?

No. She wasn't.

Robyn knew that it'd be stupid to try and escape again, they'd most definitely find her if she tried. Besides, she wouldn't risk being exiled and taken from her son. Owen was her everything. It was all she saw that was worth living for in her life of heartbreak and hardships.

It was not an option whether she'll marry Kyle or not. She'd do anything to stay close to her son. Leaving Owen alone here for Kyle to ruin would just be selfish. Sacrifices must be taken to take care of the son she loved. Even if it meant never having a normal life, seeing her dear friends again, or actually falling in love.

She would make this sacrifice of herself and marry Kyle, but never will she give him another child. Never will she condemn a baby to this life of misery.

"No." Robyn speaks calmly, her eyes full of determination.

"No?" Kyle questions, a bit taken-a-back. He expected a rant of some sort, an angry expression, and her utter hate. All he could see was her passive expression, and the power surging though her gaze. "Robyn, you cut me out of the experience of Owen's birth. Please, just let me be there for another."

Robyn kept her composure, her expression and feeling would not change for a moment. "It was what you did that cut you out of his birth. It was not my doing. Your actions after that night together is what caused me to run. Frankly, with all this bullshit that you are throwing at me, you don't deserve your demand. Besides, I'll never choose to bring another child into this life. That'd be cruel."

Robyn felt empowered with her response, she knew that she was a stubborn woman, and she was proud of it. She had learned her lessons about giving in.

Kyle furrows his brows, his anger rising slowly. How could she deny him a child? He's going to give her the world, and she refuses his request? He understood her reasonings, but wished she'd just forget all of them. There was no doubt that this life was no place for a child, but he would make it work. He'd protect the children, and train them to survive. He would make it work. He will make it work. "Robyn-" He starts, cutting off his sentence as she stands.

Robyn would cradle Owen in her arms as he slept, rising off the sofa. She'd begin to walk out of the living room, ignoring whatever Kyle was to say next. It was useless for him to speak anymore, her mind was already made up.

Kyle would watch as she left, completely dumbfounded. No one walks out on him. Yet, she did. She has been. She defies him in every possible way, yet, Kyle did nothing to stop her. Why? Why was she so different? Was it because she was the mother of his child? Or was it because those feelings he had for her, were more than just what he told himself they were?

There was no doubt that their relationship was strained, and that he was just utterly horrible to her... How could he have such strong feelings for someone who gives him the biggest headaches? Or the woman who just won't listen to him for shit?

Maybe because, even through the messed up relationship they had...

A hidden feeling of love brewed for her.


Aye! I thought I would try the third person POV today. Do you think I should keep writing in this style? Or go back to my normal first person?

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