Chapter 34

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After dropping off Owen and retreating to my room, the thought of this whole scheme became absolutely difficult.

Sneaking around is definitely not my strong suit, and I could help but feel queasy at the thought of being caught.

Logical questions popped in my head as I paced in the little space of floor the large furniture left in gap. Security cameras hung from every damn corner of the mansion- I was starting to think there was a hidden on in my room even.

There are guard posts everywhere. I doubt Matilda knows them all! There's probably one stationed right outside the office... How are we going to get past those beefy soldiers?

Well, I guess you could away I am a good actress, looking back at chapter one, I was pretty badass with that whole fake crying and innocent look.

I can think of lies on a whim, unlike others who stumble and all. Perhaps that makes me a compulsive liar- Nah! I think it's more along the lines of Improv Legend.

This was going to be a disaster and I knew it. Matilda is not always the most reliable person to steer trouble away... I know that from all the shopping trips we've taken to the supermarket- old ladies are quite the devil when you take the last flour bag.

Even though this crazy plan was probably going to fail and get me killed, I had no other choice but to at least try. This was for the sake of my son, and for Matilda and her son. I couldn't let them down.

By time my thoughts and my small panic episodes were finished, it was time to move out, and head to the bathroom.

I slid the door open slowly, watching to make sure that I didn't slam it into the guard outside my room. 

I'm sure if Matilda would have kept all this information from me, I would have caught on eventually. I mean, why does no one else in this hall have a guard?

The tall and buff guard watching my room simply glared down at me, which made me angry inside.


"Im going to the bathroom," I told him dead in the eyes. "I wouldn't come around there for a bit, it's as bad as last time." I added quickly moving off, holding back on my laughter. These guys are too easy.

I reached for the bathroom handle, turning it slowly before yeeting inside quickly. It was quite beautiful in the bathroom, almost the same look as the one in Kyle's estate. It was hard to peel my eyes away from the unique designs of the tiles, but then I remembered what was at stake, and that I could view the gorgeous bathroom another time.

The door was located right across from the other, which made it an easy trip into the bedroom.

The room was about the size of my bedroom, this time, the theme was mostly a green scheme.

Deciding not to get caught up in the room like I did in the bathroom, I quickly made my way to the other door, opening it ever-so-slightly. It was quite surprising to see that no guards were stationed around me.

My body moved out of the door frame as stealthily as I could manage- which wasn't very stealthy at all. With my 'luck', the belt loop on my jeans caught onto the door handle. This made me initially freak out, but after a few seconds, my pants were loose, and I was on my way down the hall.

Matilda was standing at the end of the hallway, waiting on me to catch up to her. She looked nervous and impatient, her foot tapping on the dark, wood flooring anxiously.

As I approached, she began speaking quickly and sharply. "I sent the guard here to check to see if someone was at the gate. You have little time, so move quickly."

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