Chapter 21

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Present time... Robyn's POV...

Kyle hasn't spoken to me for a few days, which I can't complain about. He's been locked in that office of his most of the day, doing what God only knows. Probably fucking another bitch.

But that's not my business.

With him working though, I have all the time in the world to follow my semi-normal routine with Owen. We eat all meals together, watch movies, play hide and seek- which my inner-child's dream is coming true- we swim in the pool out in the back of the house, I help him read with the random books around- just everything I can to make the most of my time with him.

These are the things I never get to do with him, and I'm loving every moment of it. Everyday back home is filled with work, work, and more work. Only a sliver of time is spent with the most precious thing to me.

I've never felt so free, and yet so trapped.

But, for now, until we get out of here, I'll make the most out of the time given with him. Seeing as I no longer have Matilda, we'll have less time together once we leave.

Now, yes. I've said that we will stay for Kyle's safety, but living like this, with nothing to do will soon become hell. All my life, working is what kept me moving. It got me away from my dead-beat dad, and made me feel independent when raising Owen. To go without it will be too hard of a challenge. Maybe if Kyle isn't acting like a child, he'll let us go.

... Probably not.

"But Mommy!" Owen whines, pouting his small, round lips. "I want the cake now!" His volume increases as he gets more needy for the dessert.

Him and I have been making pastries all morning to keep us busy. I'm pretty sure we've succeeded in pissing off all the kitchen staff, seeing as we've taken over their work. Also, we've burned half the things we've baked, so the head chef scolded me heavily just a few minutes ago.

"Owen, stop whining. The cake will be cooled soon." I ease, scrubbing the charred cookies we made earlier off the baking pan. "Do you really want to eat it without icing? That's gross!" My face scrunches into a disgusted one .

Owen's giggles fill the kitchen as we clean. "Mommy! You look funny!" He exclaims, throwing the dishes into the large sink.

"Oh then I must look like you, now shouldn't I?" I tease, placing the pan into the sink and moving onto the pie pan. The wooden spoon in my hand helps scrape off the food chunks, and semi-cleans it before the scrubbing is needed.

Owen's pout shows back up on his face as he lets out a huff. "Not funny!"

"Awh, come on, lighten up." My voice tries to cheer him as I place the pan into the sink. Owen stops his work, moving to give me a light hug. He then jumps back, an excited expression on his face as he picks cookies off of the only dessert we haven't burned- other than the cake.

"Mommy! Can we surprise Daddy with these!?" He nearly screams out of excitement.

I quickly plug my ears, nodding my head. "Calm down, buddy. We can, just calm down."

"OKAY!" He exclaims, throwing the cookies messily on a plate. Owen races out of the kitchen, sending me to chase after him. He flies up the fancy marble stairs, at this point making me want to die of fatigue. I rush up after him, panting heavily as we reach the wooden door to his office.

Owen throws open the door, interrupting whatever Kyle was doing inside. "DADDY I'VE GOT COOOOOKIES!" He yells out, rushing to his side.

Kyle stops his talking, as a man shifts in the seat in front of his desk. "Owen..." I say lowly, scolding him lightly. My feet stay planted in the doorway, looking to the scene.

From behind, the man looks old, his gray, balding hair clearly visible. He has tan skin, almost identical to mine.

"Sorry..." I mutter to Kyle as he turns to Owen's gift.

Kyle grins towards Owen, his eyes lighting up with joy at the cookies. Owen holds the plate close to his face, giving no room to study the cookies given. "Are these for me, bud?" He questions with a slight weariness as he glances to the man in the chair.

The unknown man keeps his head straight, refusing to look back at me. Wow, rude.

Owen nods his head dramatically, letting out a soft giggle. "Yes, daddy! Look! Me and Mommy made them!"

"Mommy and I." I correct politely, continuing to stand in the door frame. My arms cross, getting comfortable in the position my body is stationed in.

Owen nods his head at my correction, his bright smile still showing as he gifts the cookies off. Kyle takes one, plopping it in his mouth. "It's good." He grins while his mouth was still full.

"Really Daddy!? Me and- Mommy and I have been baking all morning! We burnt a lot though!" Owen giggles, placing the plate on the desk. "Daddy! Wanna bake with us!?"

Kyle would begin to frown, leaning back in his chair. "I'm sorry son, today I can't, as you see I've got a guest." He speaks with a sigh.

Owen's head would snap to the unknown man, scrunching his nose lightly. "Who's you?"

"Who are you." I cut in, correcting Owen's grammar.

The man coughs a few times, trying to prevent himself from speaking. Kyle would give a weary look to him before answering for him. "He's a friend of mine."

"What's his name?" Owen continues to question.

Kyle gives off a few coughs of his own, looking down. "Uh... buddy, this is Kristopher... Lehman."

His words cause me to stop breathing for a moment as the anger floods my system. My precious son is merely inches away from my bastard father. Kyle's face contorts into an unreadable one, but it is clear that he sees my anger. "Owen, get over here." I snap as my father turns in his chair.

He looks older, but less skinny than he used to. He looked healthy for once. My father's eyes were filled with un-shed tears as his face turned red with grief. He says nothing, but stares as Owen makes his way awkwardly to me.

My hand guides Owen out, sending a glare to my father. "You don't ever come around my son, you hear me?" I speak venomously nearly spitting at him. His expression turns into a guilty one, looking as if he were longing for his family back. Which I doubt this charade is real.

My father nods, and with that, I'm leading Owen off to the living room to get our minds off of the encounter.

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