Chapter 30

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Heyyyy guys! Here's another chapter for you all!

Sorry it's taken so long, I had to finish up school finals and all the jazz the past few weeks- not very fun at all.

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter!! Let me know what you think will happen next in the story!!
"Happy to see me, Laine?" Jason questions with a smirk. Relief swarms me as he speaks, every tension in my body releases a sigh in sync. It was him. Jason came back for us like he promised. He saved Owen and I from that life. We were free alas!

I shift Owen on my hip, trying to make it a more comfortable walk for myself. Then, my feet start towards Jason quickly. The stairs were not an easy task with my fatigued body, but I make due, and move up them speedily.

"Thank God..." I mutter before using my free hand to embrace him.

He would soon return the hug, squeezing me a bit. The embrace didn't feel the same as they used to though. Jason was always caring with his, but this one felt a little forced.

I roll my eyes lightly, shaking my head slightly, deciding to ignore it. This operation was probably not an easy one, he must be quite tense and all... hm.

We released each other after a few moments, both letting out a collective sigh of relief.

"We've worked very hard to get you back here, Laine. I'm sorry it took so long." Jason apologized, giving me a look of pity.

"It is alright." I nod distinctly. "It is a miracle you've even got me back."

A pang of guilt would strike my heart after a moment, a frown setting upon my face.


What about him?

His wife and child are gone... How will that hurt him? I can't believe I have taken his child from him for the second time...

All he wanted was for us to be with him, and now we are running away.

I am a horrible person... An utterly wicked woman.

Besides- that kiss... oh that oddly sweet kiss.. Did he feel the sparks too? Or is it just me stupidly falling for his charms?

Oh those damn charms. I ought to just smack them off his pretty little face and shove them right back up his- "Laine?"

Jason's voice tears me from my thoughts. My eyes follow his hand as he waves it over my view. "You okay?"

I rub my eyes with my free hand, ignoring the pain of the fatigued one holding up Owen. Slowly, my head nods as I pull myself back into reality. "Oh- yes. Sorry, I just got a little... sidetracked.

Jason let out a sigh before taking a few steps back toward the front door. With the wave of his hand, he motioned me to follow him inside, which I did with no hesitation.

The foyer was absolutely massive. It was probably the size of my whole apartment back in Florida... which is sort of insane.

The room had two sets of large staircases, moving up at a curve to the second floor balcony area, seeing as the ceiling was as high as the third story.

The room was filled with marble floors and steps, the walls were painted a creamy white to fit with the theme. Patterns laced the flooring, gold lines were used to make them pop.

Each side of the foyer contained a tall and wide arch, leading into the other rooms, a dining room and sitting room. Another arch sat in the middle of the staircases, leading into a long pearly white hall.

"Like what you see?" Jason questions, pausing my studying of the room. "This is my father's mansion, quite exquisite, hm?" His voice echos loudly through the open space.

Something was off about Jason, he was once to easy to talk to, and not so... formal. I found it hard to respond to his questions.

I nod my head, shifting the still sleeping Owen on my hip. "It is quite beautiful, yes." I agree, swaying a bit out of anxiousness.

"Come along then, let's get you both set up in a room." He speaks, heading toward the left flight of stairs. "And don't you worry, you'll see Ricky and Matilda for dinner tonight."

Jason leads me up the flight of stairs and through a long hallway, just like the one connected to the foyer. We pass many doors, which utterly confuses me as I try to count the ones to the room I'll be staying in.

Finally, we reach the one he is giving us. Jason swings the door open, revealing a decently sized room, holding a queen sized bed, desk, dresser, closet, and a small flat screen TV.

The walls were painted a nice turquoise, which was a bit of relief from the never ending white exterior. The theme was basically the same color. Most the furniture was a dark wood, while the bed sheets were turquoise like the walls and lamps and things of that sort.

My mind would slowly drift off for a moment without my consent as I peered around the room...

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest drags out, following it with a: "You may kiss the bride."

Kyle doesn't hesitate moving forward. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me into him. I give him a wide-eyed expression before he leans into kiss me.

This was nice... WAIT what am I saying? It's nice? Damnit Robyn you are supposed to hate his guts!

Why the fuck does it keep doing this? I should be forgetting Kyle, not dreaming about him! The scene replays on repeat a few times before Jason's voice rings yet again.

"Laine!" He exclaims roughly, snapping me out of my trance. "You're drooling." He rolls his eyes.

An embarrassed blush creeps into my face as he speaks. "Sorry..." I mumble, moving further into the room. "Well- thank you for letting us stay here. It means a lot." I thank him quickly, wanting to move past my previous mind wander.

"It is no problem." He assures reluctantly with an odd smile. "I'll let you two get settled and all, dinner will be in a few hours."

I move over to the bed, setting Owen down on it. "Alright, thank you." My head nods lightly, tucking my son into the comfortable sheets. It wasn't long before the shutting of the door was heard. Which I let out a breath after... Jason's been awfully weird since we arrived...

What is up with him?



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