Chapter 33

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My body fell into a deep slumber once I hit the bed that night, which gave me no time to even process Matilda's words on my own.

Tomorrow I would embark in one of the most dangerous missions I have been exposed to. Yes, running off from Kyle all those years ago was pretty terrifying, but at least he wasn't planning on taking my baby for his selfish need! Well- maybe he would have- but no one knew about the baby until after I left... so hah!

Anyway, it was an understatement to say that I was scared shitless.

I've never been the best at stealth, I tried my best around my father, but it never worked... When I was stuck with Kyle all those years ago, I'd wake up in the middle of the night sometimes hungry, and I'd make my way to the kitchen- not so discretely, which would wake Kyle up, and then would end with me having a gun to my head because Kyle thought it was an intruder every time.

I trip over imaginary things all the time- it's a real problem.

ANYWAY, I had just woken up an hour ago to Owen's constant jumping on the bed. It was not a fun way to wake up, I'll tell you.

He fell on me after a jump gone wrong, knocking the air out of me, and forcing me to wake up with no return to my beautiful slumber.

Then, the little rascal kept going on and on about how he wants to go play with Ricky, and how he told him about a playroom in the mansion. Soon, I just gave up my will to stay in bed, and stood, moving to find something for Owen to wear.

"Listen, you are going to stay in that playroom until I come get you, okay?" I sigh as I button up his tight shirt from Ricky.

Owen nods lightly at that. "Okay, I will! What if I gotta pee though?" He questions with concern, hopping off the bed after I finish the buttoning.

Shaking my head, I take his hand, leading him out of our room, past the disgruntled guard, down the long hall, and to the grand staircase. "You will go to the bathroom before you go to the playroom, but first you will come eat breakfast with me."

Owen follows leisurely, taking his time as he walks. "Do you think they will have pancakes, Mommy? And my paw patrol cup that Daddy got me?" He questions curiously as I lead him to the dining room.

How am I supposed to deny him his cup? Oh please I do not need a temper tantrum today!

Sadly, my head shakes. "I don't think they will have your cup buddy, we left that back with your Daddy." I explain slowly. "But I'm sure they will have pancakes- you can smell them from here!" I lean down a bit, sniffing dramatically. "Can you smell it?"

Owen looks quite disappointed at that, his little lip quivering as he tries to smell the pancakes with me. "When can we see Daddy again?" He questions with a sniffle.

"Soon buddy, soon." I whisper to him as we enter the dining room.

Matilda sits in her spot, sipping her orange juice slowly, and eating her half-empty plate; Ricky sits in his spot, moving the food around on his plate slowly; and Jason taps around on the keys of his computer, glancing to Ricky every few moments with a disapproving look.

"Eat your food, Richard." Jason grumbles to Ricky, looking quite annoyed.

Owen and I stand at the entrance of the room, looking upon the scene.

Ricky slowly shakes his head, pushing the plate away from himself and towards the middle of the table.

Jason's face turns beat red with fury from Ricky's disobedience. He reaches around his computer, shoving the plate back his way. "Eat it now, or I'll send you to the basement again. This time without your precious flashlight." Jason was not playing, glaring daggers at his son before moving back to his work. Matilda looked completely angry and upset at Jason's ways, but keeps her head down for the time being.

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