Chapter 25

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Third Person POV...

Neither Robyn or Kyle spoke to each other for almost a week after that. In fact, the only time they had seen each other was on Tuesday, when Kyle dropped off a package to Robyn, regarding the wedding of course.

The package had been filled to the brim with fabric samples, wedding dress magazines, a fancy cake company flier, photos of potential locations, and a notebook.

Though she did not wish for this marriage, she agreed with her heart and would be damned if someone else planned her wedding.

As a young child, Robyn would find herself planning fake weddings with her stuffed animals- she'd even force her parents to sit in the stuffed-animal audience. She had such a fascination with the idea of marrying the one she loved.

Throughout her middle and high school career, her parents would get a mouthful her and then about how she'd start her own wedding planning business. All they did was support her... Until of course, her mother passed on.

Robyn planned to go off to the community college near her, studying entrepreneurship and finance to make her dream become a reality. Though, it never did.


It was a mid- January night of her senior year, and Robyn had just gotten home from a long day of work and school. She trudged up to her bedroom, hopping into a shower, and returning to the main floor in her pajamas.

She was well aware of her father's addiction, and kept half of her salary for herself tucked away in her closet, far away from her father. She planned to use the money for her tuition, and had been saving for over a year.

Why didn't she open a bank account? Well, her father would surely find out, and being a legal guardian, it wouldn't be hard for him to take the money for himself. Robyn took no risks.

As she entered the living room, she saw the usual. Her father passed out on the couch, white powder on the coffee table and his shirt. Though, something that day was... different. Through the bags of chips and clutter in the room, she saw her box.

Her precious box, which held her hard-earned money.

Some bills were spread around, but as she got closer... it was empty. There went her plans for the future. There goes her dream.

That was the first time she ever screamed at her father. She slapped him to wake him, and proceeded to curse him out- well attempted to before her father's fist connected with her cheek.

After that night, she gave up that dream. She continued her job at the diner, this time more unenthusiastically. She had nothing to work towards. She wouldn't dare save up her money again.

End of Flashback...

Though she hated the idea of marrying Kyle, she decided to put effort into her wedding. It was a day she'd never get back. Besides, she's been planning for decades now.

She takes the materials out, getting to work.

The venue was the first to be decided. The options of a church, winery, or ocean were laid out before her. Although Robyn was fond of the water, she was never to excited about the sand that followed with it. That option was crossed off fairly quickly.

With all her planning dreams of her wedding as a child, there was no doubt a church wedding was fresh in her mind. So, it was an obvious choice. The only other venue to plan was the after party. The options weren't a surplus, the only two being an extravagant hotel or an expensive, rented out club. Robyn chose the hotel.

The fabric was the second to be done. She used the notepad to sketch out a table arrangement design, and carefully chose a pattern for each table. A cascading rose-colored stitching for the food and drink tables, a more maroonish design for the wine table. She'd choose to stagger a white lily pattern and a light golden gradient stitching on every other seating tables.

After looking through the wedding magazines at least two times each, Robyn decided on her favorite one of them all. The top of the dress was a beautiful, creamy lace, while the bottom cascades into a creamy silk. It was gorgeous.

The other decisions to be made were decided fairly quickly. Breaded and seasoned chicken and rice for the main meal, an assortment of wines and sodas for the drinks. In all, this wedding would not be very cheap. Though, nothing listed prices, so it wasn't really her fault.

The whole planning process most likely took half of the day, and she had missed dinner just doing it.

Owen stopped in a few times to grab one thing or another, but most of his day consisted of tagging along around the house with his father.

Robyn dropped the box of plans off at Kyle's office door, before heading down to grab some food.

A plate of dinner was left on the counter for her. She found this odd. Never has a plate been left for her before when she missed dinner here. Robyn was usually forced to make a grill cheese if she got hungry. It was almost as if Kyle didn't believe in left overs.

She heated up the food in the microwave, carefully carrying it to the empty dining room where she enjoyed her meal.

She ate a medium-rare steak with a loaded baked potato of goodness and a side of corn on the cob.

Well, at least she's eating well here. Back home, dinners for her and Owen consisted of take-out and TV dinner meals.

While eating the food in front of her, she seemed to be lost in thought. What would become of her when all is said and done? Will she just be a toss away? Will she have a chance to live out her dream finally? Will she be trapped in this damn house for the rest of her life?

Robyn shivers at the negative questions coming to mind.

She will marry Kyle, and she will thrive in her dreams at the same time. No matter how much will weigh her down.

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