Chapter 14

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Kyle's POV...

Well, I fucked up big time. If Robyn didn't already hate me, she does now. It may not be love yet, but I do care for her safety. Taking her as my wife will ensure that no one will hurt her. This marriage will happen whether she likes it or not. One day, her hate for me will fade, we'll come to an understanding with each other.

Why might someone hurt her, you ask? Well, it's simple. Her deadbeat father is the cause.  I had been tracking him for months after Robyn ran, making sure he had no contact with her, which he didn't. Everything went smoothly for three years; he was still on the drugs, but he stayed out of trouble with the others and the law.

Then, a year ago, the incident happened. He started gambling that year, lost his house, car, savings, everything. But he was so hooked on the drugs that he'd give everything for them.

He went to the 'Sea Monsters' (my largest rival gang here in Oregon) and begged for another loan. They granted it, but with a condition; the only thing he had left, his daughter. Robyn's father, Daniel, agreed to these terms, saying that they could have her if they find her.

A few months later, Daniel began his rode to recovery, he checked himself into rehab and got clean off the things corrupting his body.

That's when we stepped in. Upon hearing the news that he'd sold off his daughter, I ordered my men to bring him in. They did, in rage, I beat the shit out of him, demanding he tell me every single detail about the exchange.

Then, we made a deal. There was no way in hell that Robyn would be subjected to the Sea Monster's. It'd ruin her. So, the offer I pitched was to find her and, instead of Diego (The leader of the Sea Monsters), my gang will take her in and protect her. To make things even more safe, she'd marry me and then be seen as untouchable by the Sea Monsters.

I don't care whether she loves me, likes me, or despises me, but she will marry me. And I will keep my promise and protect her from the evil of Diego.


I snap out of my thoughts at the ringing of my desk phone. My hands teach my eyes, rubbing them to try and adjust to the present again.

The phone rings again, and this time I answer.

"Ah, Kyle West, my boy." A groggy voice sounds through the phone.

"Who is this?" I question harshly, leaning back on my large leather chair.

"I have something of yours, Kyle." A strong Spanish accent rings through the phone, "...And I think you'll want it back."

There has been no intrusions into the mansion and nothing reported missing. My hands quickly type on the desktop, bringing up the security cameras from inside Robyn's room.

She's still sleeping, like she has all day. I noticed this back when she started staying with me four years ago. When she's upset, she sleeps. All day. It's quite annoying, but I guess it's just how she copes.

"Hello?" The voice sounds, snapping back into the conversation.

"What could you possibly have?" I question, tapping my fingers impatiently on the wooden desk.

The man just laughs through the phone. "Oh, you didn't know? Your little lady friend Robyn has a secret. Oh, this is good." I can hear the excitement in his tone. "Robyn was pregnant when she left." His laugh was nothing less than sinister. "I've got your little boy right here with me. Well, he's out cold, along with his caretaker and her son."

I couldn't believe my ears. My son? Robyn was pregnant? All along, I thought he was just that Matilda Mason's son. Without responding to the man, my fingers typed rapidly on the keyboard, searching for the snapshots of the two young boys.

The first picture was of the Matilda woman holding a blond haired and black haired-child on each arm. They were about a year old in that picture.

The second was the most recent pictures of them. They were always together. They played at the park, making mulch-angels on the floor of the playground. The one child was blond, while the other was black haired.

As my mouse scrolled closer, the black-haired child's features became more prominent. He looked like Robyn, there was no doubt in my mind. I studied the facial features, and there I saw it. His nose. An odd part to point out, but it stood out greatly. That's my fathers nose, my nose... and those are my eyes...

"Okay. What do you want." My voice growls into the phone. "And who are you?"

"Why, you don't remember me, brother?" His vile voice sounds. It's Julian. My ex- second in command.

We had been childhood friends, and together, we reached the peak of the gang rank together. But, as time passed, he got more and more corrupt.  I am the opposite of a saint, but Julian takes that way further than anyone else. He has no morals and will kill someone for looking at him wrong.

"Julian." I spit out, tensing up. "What do you want."

"Two billion." He says simply. "You give the money, I release the hostages." He proposes, making me rage. With all this money, others will see this as nothing. But I was about to make a five billion dollar deal to pay off the government officials for the next fifty years. They were getting too suspicious of the gang's activity.

"Fine. How should I forward the money to you?" My tense voice speaks, pulling out a check.

"Meet me at the storage unit. Dalton Street. Tomorrow. Alone." He speaks formally, complete seriousness in his tone. "Come alone or the boy dies."

"Alright. I'll be there." I say after a moment of hesitation. My voice attempts to remain calm, but it fails completely. Oh well.

My hand slams the phone onto the desk and I begin to stand. I can't decide who is the most angering. Robyn, for keeping my son away from me, or Julian for taking him.

My feet carry me to the gym. I decided to calm myself before speaking to Robyn.

She'd better have a good explanation.

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