Chapter 32

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**JUST A REMINDER, LAINE = ROBYN! Matilda and Jason call her by her changed name (Laine), while her real name is Robyn**

Robyn's POV...

Three A.M. crept up on the clock slowly, just as the day had been. It was officially not my wedding day anymore, and thankfully I skipped my wedding night.

I couldn't help but feel wicked for being glad to be away. I mean, it was my wedding. Kyle is now my husband, whether I like it or not.

My mind attempts to run the excuse of: 'Oh it's just legal, it's not love.', but that just doesn't help. Every time I think of the word husband, my stomach churns... and it's hard to tell if that's good or bad

I glance to the clock every minute or so, waiting for it to finally click to three. Her and Matilda had quite the stuff to talk about. What could be so important? Isn't she safe here?

Yes, Jason has been acting odd, but that is probably just his nervousness fading away from finding everyone again. How can I blame him for that?

My head turns to the bed where Owen sleeps soundly, he had been knocked out for a few hours now. All the drama and scarring had gotten to him today, and I cannot blame him. I would love to just lay down and fall right asleep with him and get my mind off the pressing issues, but Matilda seemed serious about whatever she had to say.

The clock hand soon landed on the three, and I knew it was go-time. I swung the door open- or attempted to... but it hit something hard. A wincing 'gah' was heard from the other side as I slipped out the door.

Why was the guard from the dining room here?

The buff man kept a hard composure as he looked down at me. "Do you need something?" He grunts, crossing his thick arms.

Silently, I nodded my head, quite creeped out that I was being watched over... did they think I'd run away? "Bathroom." I lied, and he began to move off in that direction. "Wait-" I scold quietly. "Let me go on my own please, I've got to shit." I mentally cringe at my disgusting and embarrassing choice of excuse, blushing furiously. "I'd prefer to be alone."

The beefy guard gives off a twinge of disgust, shivering lightly as if he had never know that us women shit. "Go." He speaks strangely, stepping out of my way.

Quickly, I scurry off, completely red in the face. That was the most embarrassing few moments of my life.. oh geez.

After exiting the hall of bedrooms, I find myself slipping down the grand staircase as quiet and quick as possible.

Finally, after a few minutes of super stealth mode, I find the laundry room, with Matilda in it. Slowly, I close the door, trying not to make a loud enough sound to alert someone in this eerily quiet mansion.

Matilda leans on the washing machine, smirking lightly. "Record time." She grins with a wink. "What was your excuse?"

My cheeks flare back up into a blush shaking my head. "I'd rather not say..." I trail off. "Why is there a guard out there anyway?"

Matilda lets out a long sigh, scratching her nose. "Because they don't want us to run." She answers, holding her hand up at me as she stands straight. "Jason is the one who ransomed Owen off." She speaks sadly, letting out another sigh. "He isn't who he said he is, Laine... He isn't who I thought he was. Him and his father don't just run a company, they run a mafia. They are just like Kyle.. but at this point- I think worse."

Matilda explains all of this while I am just stuck, dumbfounded. Jason; my friend, and my savior, is actually my enemy? He is the reason that all of this happened?

"He tipped Kyle off, and basically led him to where you were in Florida, then took Owen, Ricky, and I the first chance he got." She continues on. "Laine, you have to believe me when I say that I didn't know what he did... I am so sorry for it all.." Matilda tears a bit as she speaks. "We need to get you and Owen out of here as soon as possible... I heard Jason talking to his father. Now that you are married to Kyle, Owen is the legitimate and only heir to his mafia. He doesn't need you anymore, and I'm afraid he'll kill you and take Owen hostage until he is of age to claim the empire."


The sound of my eyes blinking is all I can hear after Matilda's last tangent. She continues to speak, but I do not listen. How could I not see this coming? Oh that bastard. Oh how I'll kill him. He backstabbed  us... He has cheated us since the beginning. We aren't friends, just damn pawns so he can grow in power.

"Laine!" Matilda shakes her, a worried look upon her face. "If you escape, please promise me that you will take Ricky too! Promise me! There is no way we will all leave clean, and I'd rather Ricky get out instead of me."

Silently, I nod my head, though it proves a challenge, seeing as my head is spinning. I felt completely and utterly sick.

"Tomorrow, Jason will be going out to town for a few hours. At ten A.M., meet me at the bathroom closest to your room. There is a door in there leading to one of the head guard's room. I know for a fact that he will be going a long with Kyle, so it shouldn't be hard to slip in the bedroom and right out the other side. From there, I will distract the guards and you will slip into Jason's office, find Kyle's phone number through all his paperwork, and read-" She pauses, reaching into her bra, and pulling out a small slip of paper. "Read this address out to him, so he will know where we all are. Let him do the rest."

My hand shakily takes the slip, stuffing it in my own bra. "Got it." I speak wearily, quite nervous about the whole thing. If we get caught, no one will be safe. I'll be killed, Matilda imprisoned, and our sons left to be manipulated.

"I've been snooping around conversations since I heard they would be attacking the wedding. Hopefully, it will all work out..." Matilda shivers lightly, glancing to the door. "Go back quick, the guard is probably suspicious by now." Matilda commands, and I nod, but not before pulling her into a complete bear hug.

"Stay safe," I whisper to her, "Our children depend on it."

My arms release her, and then I scurry out soon after.

The guard looked quite displeased as I made my appearance, letting out a low grunt.

Being the most sophisticated, and best excuse-making adult, I said: "Ah, I think I just lost a few pounds back there." -while patting my stomach.

The guard flinched with utter disgust before letting me back into my comfortable 'cell'.

I seriously hate myself damnit.

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