Chapter 10

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Kyle's POV... A week ago...

"Get the men ready for the raid tonight." I order calmly to one of my most trusted employees. He nods his head respectfully and strides out of the office swiftly.

Tonight was big. We were going to invade a whole cargo ship of stolen goods. The ship was on it's way to a port down in LA, California. We had other plans for it.

My men were to move out to the ship and simply take it over. It wasn't as easy as it sounded, the men spent weeks training with the grappling hook to climb the height of the ship. The way this goes down tonight will be up to fate, I've put my best men on this job. That ship is carrying millions worth of drugs.

My hands search through the files on my desk, making sure everything was in place. Some may say that I'm a perfectionist, or have a severe case of OCD, but that isn't the case. The men I send to these missions are risking their life; if I can help it, their lives will be spared.

My eyes look up from the papers as the door creeks open slowly. "Ginger, What are you doing here?" I question, annoyance laced in my tone. She wasn't called in, and there was too much that needed to be done.

"Aw baby..." She pouts her lip-injected lips, striding over to me. "Aren't you happy to see me?" She purrs- like literally purrs... what the fuck? She'd reach the back of my chair, taking her hands and sliding them down my chest from behind.

"Ginger, I'm busy." I grumble, trying to sit up in my chair. Her hands hold me back softly, her long, fake nails scratching my shirt. Ginger turns the chair around, practically jumping on my lap. She cups my face and hungrily kisses me, hard. Why the fuck am I with her? She can't even kiss!

Feeling her teeth sink into my lip, I push her back a bit, catching any blood that was drawn with my finger. "What the hell?!" My anger rises, that hurt like a bitch. "Get off of my lap you mosquito whore!"

She does as I say, regret clear in her expression. She straightens out her tight, short, slutty dress, combing her hair back with her hand. "Sorry baby..." Ginger frowns, looking like a lost puppy.

"Leave. I told you I was busy." My voice sounds grumpy and rough. I don't spare her a glance as she walks out of my office. The door remains open as another one of my men, looking to be from my tech branch, pushed his way in as Ginger pushed her way out.

"What?" I spit, looking up from my desk. The man instantly paled, bobbing his Adam's apple a bit before he spoke.

"Sir- well, we found her." He states, his voice weary and stiff at the same time. He pulled a laptop from behind him, opening it up to show the evidence.

"You found... Robyn?" I ask uncertainly. This was the moment I've been waiting for. The moment where I can start to plan how to bring Robyn back to me. She's been gone for too long. The man nods, looking for permission to explain more on the finding.

"Yes, after much digging, we found a video recording of her getting onto a private plane down in Wyoming." He turns the computer around to show me the video. "Then, with this information, we tracked who the plane belonged to. Anderson and Frank Corp. It's and insurance company, founded in Oregon." The man give me a little bit of a background, continuing on while typing away on his computer. "Then, we made the other man in the video, which so happened to be Jason Anderson, the son of the company's owner. The flight flew to Florida and, from there, we found the rest of the information. Soon after running, Jason set Robyn up with a new identity. Now she goes by Laine Hower, from Williston, North Dakota."

This information took a while for me to process. How did she know Jason? How was this covered up so well? "So, where is she now?" I question, leaning back in my leather chair.

"Jacksonville, Florida." He answers, dipping his head. "She works as a hostess at a small diner called 'Valentina's'."

She was good. She was living life right under our noses. Personally, I thought she would've gone to seek shelter underground, but no. She's living like a normal person would. How could we be so stupid and not realize this? Why did Anderson help her? How does she know him?

My hand lifts the phone, and I punch in the number for my secretary's line. It takes a few moments, but she answers, sounding bored as usual. "Yes, boss?"

I roll my eyes, she'll probably be fired within the week. "Schedule a mandatory meeting for tomorrow. I want the best from each branch there." My order goes through the call, and I can hear her typing on the keyboard.

"Okay, boss. The meeting is set for two fifteen tomorrow afternoon." She passes the information to me, "Is that all?" Annoyance is evident in her voice (as always).

"Yes." I answer, "But if you want to keep this job, I'd suggest losing the attitude." My hand drops the phone back onto the table after ending the call.

"Be prepared. Within the week, the queen will be back in our grasp." My lips turn into a smirk, shooing the tech guy out of the room.

Robyn, soon you will be back in my arms.

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