Quality Time

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Bit longer I say



"You answered"

"Yeah no shit" Louis got up from his seat and started paceing the room. He didn't know, but Harry was doing the same thing.

"Erm, so, how are you?"

"Harry, it's been like 2 hours since you last saw me"

"A lot can happen in 2 hours Lou"

"Your not wrong so erm...fucking dog"

"You ok?"

"Yeah, the fucking dog got in my way...don't give me that look you've been fed"

Harry couldn't help but chuckle at Louis' childlike behavior, even over the phone. "Lou, he's a dog, he can't understand you"

"He fucking can, and I know he can...go keep my seat warm"

"Wait, your not sitting down?"

"No, why is that important?"

"Don't worry"

"So, anyway, what er, why you calling?"

"Well erm, I- erm"

"Spit it out Styles"

"Erm, ok, we, c-can I come over?"

"Erm, why?"

"Talk. Write some songs. You know, works shit"

"Oh" Louis was a little bit disappointed that Harry only wanted to do 'work stuff'. But he was willing to do anything to get Harry to hang out with him. "Oh, erm, yeah, sure, you can- you can come over"

"Cool, erm, i- I'll be 15 minutes"


"20, I'll be 20 minutes"

"Ok, bye Harry, I l-, bye"

"Er, yeah, bye, lo-" Louis hung up the phone before Harry could finish. He knew Harry would probably say 'Louis' but he didn't want to chance hearing 'love you'.

"Shit" Louis looked around and saw the mess of a house he lived in. There was empty packets of..he knows what was in there..and bottles of empty alcohol everywhere. "Fuck" it was going to take more then 20 minutes to clean this shit whole and to change into actual clothes.

He pulled out his phone and messaged Harry.

So erm.. can you get here in 25-30 Minutes and not 20?

Sure, y?

The place is a duckin shit whole

I could help u clean if u want

No, i can do it
Just, need a bit more time

So, 25-30 minutes

Thnx Harry

See you then

Can't wait

Louis put his phone back into his pocket and started to clean. It took roughly 20 minutes for Louis to clean and another 5 minutes for Harry to knock the door. Making Louis think he was waiting outside.

Louis opened the door and crossed his arms "how long have you been here?"

"About 5 minutes, but I didn't know if you was finished"

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