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The sound of Phoebe shouting Harry startled Louis as he's never been high or a mess in front of his sisters. He never even thought of doing anything near them. He had to play it cool.

Luck for him Harry was outside so he had some time to figure something. "TOMMO GET YOU'RE ASS IN HERE NOW"

"I'll kill him Lou Lou"

"TOMmo- you alright lad" Niall had come bursting into Louis' room without warning. He saw how much of a mess Louis was. It broke him, Louis' puffy red eyes still letting a few tears pass he could tell Louis was still high.

"I'm fine Ni"

"You're not Tommo" he felt so bad for Louis he really did, he's tried to help but nothing's worked. "Hang on a sec lad" he ran out of the room and Louis was alone again.

"You're my favorite, Shhh"

"You're my favorite to Fiz, but shhhh"

I could hear Felicities giggle, he could hear it clear as day, as if she were sitting next to him.

Niall came running back in dragging someone with him, Louis couldn't be bothered to look. He ran back out locking the door. That's when Louis heard "Louis?"

His head shot up from his hands "Anne?"

"Oh my god, Louis are you alright? You're eyes are puffy as hell. What's wrong baby?"

He couldn't respond. His eyes started leaking again. "A-anne?"

She ran to when Louis was seated and sat next to him bringing him onto a tight hug. "Shhh, yes baby, it's me" she started stroking Louis' hair the way only she knew made Louis feel safe. She kept a comfortable silence waiting for Louis to be ready to break it.

They sat like that for about 5 minutes, with Louis crying into Anne.


"Yes Lou it's me"

He looked at Anne and rubbed his eyes "'m sorry"

"It's fine baby, it's not your fault, never be sorry"

He gave her a sad smile and whipped his eyes a bit more "w-what you doing here?"

"Liam invited everyone's family over to see the show." Now that Louis was calm she had time to look at him properly and she frowned "you high?"

"Huh? Oh, erm, I. No...?"

"Is that an answer or a question Lewis"

"I" he broke down again, unable to stop it. "I'm sorry"

Anne brought him back into a hug to let him cry, because some times crying helps. "It's okay, wanna tell me why you're like this baby, is it because of my son because I'll kill him"

"I'll kill him Lou Lou"

Louis cried more into Anne's shoulder. "M-miss" he couldn't bring himself to say anymore. He'd just break down even more. His fences were slowly falling. He was becoming more and more defencless.

Lucky for him, he didn't have to say anymore. Anne had picked up on what he was trying to say with just that one broken word. She held him tight trying to calm him down. When he was calmer she spoke.

"Shh baby, she's watching, both of them are, drowning yourself in drugs and alcohol won't help, it'll only make matters worse."

"I- I want Harry back. He, he helps me"

"Only go back when you're ready baby, I'm here for you even if you hate his gut, I will always be here for you, as will they." Anne hugged Louis and intended to never let go, but she remembered how he had a show and his sisters wanted to see him beforehand. "Right baby, as much as I'd love to say here forever and just take all the pain away and keep you, I think your sister want to see you, so let's get you cleaned up and go see them yeah"

Louis smiled and nodded watching Anne get up and put her hand out for him "come on my little hedgehog". Louis took her hand and followed her though to the kitchen where she made him look not as sad and high.

Only short but put up with it

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