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Liam came bursting into Louis' room and was instantly shushed but Harry "he's sleeping shut up"


"He wanted to talk about some stuff, and he fell asleep. He was pretty drunk" Harry looked and his feet at the end of the bed and Liam knew why.

"You found out?"

"Yeah, about his drinking problem?"

"Wait, I thought it was just a few drinks, I thought you found out he-" Liam cut himself off before he could say anymore making Harry anxious.

"He what?"


"Payno, he what!"

"I'm going to let him tell you lad" Liam looked at the peaceful Louis who was in Harry's arms like the good old day "anyway, did you pack?"

"We, yeah, the bags over there, we going now?"

"Yeah, wake him up or...?"

"I'll carry him"

Harry carried Louis to the tour bus and set him down on his bunk because it was easier and he knew Louis wouldn't wake up on Harry's bunk. Harry then sat with Zayn and Liam "wheres Ni?"

"Also asleep" it was quiet without the other two arguing and being idiots.

"Oh, so what should we do"

Liam put his arms back and turned the TV on "enjoy it."

After half an hour Louis woke up and recognized Harry's pillow. He knew he'd rather stole the pillow or Harry put him there. He got out of the bunk and walked into the living area. Harry and Zayn were watching some crap on TV and Liam was on his phone, probably Twitter. He scratched the back of his neck and went to the kitchen for a beer and a shot of whiskey.

"Hay, Harry, why was I on your bunk?"

"Because you fell asleep in the hotel and it was easier to put you there. Why?"

"We, no reason" Louis placed himself on the floor and watched the TV. They were watching Jeremy Kyle. "Didn't this get cancelled?"

"Yeah, it's on YouTube" Zayn was glued to the TV. "And I recorded them"

After a couple of episodes later Niall woke up. Louis had been fine with Harry snuggling into Zayn because he really had no reason not to be fine. Yes Harry broke up with him, but, he walked out so he has no reason to get mad. That was until Niall came out.

Niall sat on the floor next to Louis with a beer. "Niall you've just got up"


"Why you drinking?"

Niall just shrugged and handed Louis his beer. Louis took a swig of it and handed it back to Niall. Niall then turned to Harry and Zayn who were snuggling on the couch, Harry as little spoon. "I see Zarry's back" he knew when he said it that he should have. The room feel silent. Harry sat up and smacked Niall around the head. Louis didn't know why and he hated it.

"What do you mean, back?" He wanted to say what you on about or what's wrong with that. But those words didn't come it. They couldn't.

"I er, I-" Niall was stumped. He didn't want to tell Louis because he knew it would break him.

"Niall! What do you mean back!?"

"Nothing Louis, he means nothing by it, it's just a joke"

"Well, Zayn, I don't get the fucking joke, so explain it to me"

"Lou it's nothing, don't worry"

"I'm not worrying, I'm pissed that you won't tell me!"

"Tommo it's nothing"

"Payno butt out of this" Louis knew they were keeping something from him. And he knew how to get them to tell him "I'm going come and get me when you've stopped being pricks and are going to tell me" he got up and went to his bunk. When he got in his bunk he berried his head in his pillow. He had an idea of what Niall meant but he didn't want it to be true. Zayn wouldn't do that, their friends. But they weren't.

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