X Factor

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Sorry for the last one, but it's going to be sad get over it

Louis was told by Simon that it was ok if he want to cancel his performance as his mum passed just 3 days ago. But Louis wouldn't cancel it. He knew fans would understand if he did, but he made a promise to his mum. A promise he was going to keep.

So when he turned up to the X factor Steve was waiting and pulled him into a huge hug and Louis melted into tears. "You alright lad?" Louis recognized that voice.

He looked up from Steve's shoulder and ran over to Liam. He throw himself at him and cried even more as Liam wrapped his arms around Louis "i- i- I"

"It's ok, we all miss her, we just hope your ok"

"I'm better n-now your here" he pulled away from the hug and spotted Niall. He watched as the Irish lad ran to him and throw himself onto him.

"I'm so so so so so so so sorry Tommo."

"Haha, its ok lad, missed you"

"Missed you too" Louis stepped back from the Irish man and went back to Steve who rapped his arm around the Doncaster man's shoulders.

It took Louis a good few seconds to recognize Harry as he had cut his hair. Harry coughed and scratched the back of his neck "I er, I got the part. And I'm so sorry about your mum"

"Yeah? And I'm sorry your hair looks like shit" he turned to Steve who was holding back from laughing "when do we go on?"

"In 5"

"Ok so, can we go over there now?"


"Lou I'm sorry"

"Everything is great"

After what was an amazing but sad performance Louis and Steve made their way back stage. Everyone gave Louis a hug but Harry. "So, what you doing after this Louis?"

"I've gotta go back with my sister's and maybe write a song or two" he shrugged and went to walk out when Niall grabbed his arm.

"Your not going yet. We want a picture" they all jumped and got a what seemed to be happy picture, but after it was taken Louis fell to the ground.

He was crying so much he thought he would never stop. No one knew what to do. No one but Harry. He sat next to Louis and pulled him into a hug "Lou?" He let Louis cry into his shoulder as he rubbed his back "Lou, it'll be ok"

"Oh what do you care! You don't know it'll be alright! Y-your don't know how it feels to lose you mu- to lose your mum!"

"Louis please dont-"

"Don't what Harry!? We broke up because you thought it was "best for me" well guess what Harry it's fucking not! I fucking need you, this would be the best fucking time to have you! But we broke up and it's YOUR fault! So fuck off and leave me the fuck alone!" Louis stood up and walked away leaving everyone confused as to what they should do.

Steve walked out after Louis but turned to Harry "you fucked up mate."

He walked out to Louis and wrapped his arm around him "so sorry Louis, he wanted to come with the lads, I told him it was a bad idea"

"I-its ok Steve. Can you just. Take me home?"

"Of course"

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