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"Niall! Shut up! Lou is asleep"

"Your shouting too dipshit"

"You two stop bickering."

Louis was asleep on Harry's lap with Harry's jumper over his head. He had his feet up on the seat he was meant to be sitting on and his hair was poking out from the jumper. Harry was playing with his hair as him and Niall argued. "If you wake Louis up Niall I swear to go-"

"What Harry! What will you do? A couple days ago it seemed like you didn't give a shit. What's changed?"

"I-" Harry looked down at Louis. And his heart broke at what he had done the the Donny lad. "I did care, Lou just wasn't letting me help"

"So..you back together?"

"That's what I was thinking Z. Are you?"

"No, erm, we're friends again"

"I'm getting you two back together"

"Niall, it will happen when it happens just leave it"

- Louis' dream -

There was another member of the band "and we got into a fight." Louis swung his arm to punch but missed and the other member had Louis on the floor "Zayn, Zayn"

"Zayns not coming" tears were pouring from Louis' eyes.

"I'll always come for you Louis"

- lads -

Harry stoked through Louis' hair as Louis began to fidget. "What's wrong with him?"


"He's crying and fidgeting"

- Louis' dream -

Louis was phoning Zayn but no answer. He tried again and again but no answer. "Please Zayn pick up" he was. Pouring out in tears "Zayn I need you please"

He gave up and put his phone down on the counter "you said you'd always come for me, well I need you more than ever"

- Lads -

"Lou?" Louis turned into Harry in his sleep and pushed his head to Harry's stomach. "Lou wake up"

- Louis' dream -

"You said always!"

"You said don't talk to you!"

"I didn't think the love of my life would leave me! I always turned to you Zayn, you were the only other person I trusted, and you lied!"

"I can't deal with this shit. Hope you mum d-"

Louis hung up before Zayn could finish the sentence. His vision went blury and he was tempted to call Harry but didn't. He didn't want to give into the pressure like Harry did.

- Lads -

Harry kissed Louis' forehead and whispered in his ear "Lou, ba-, Lou, you have to wake up"

Louis moved closer to Harry and hugged into his top "are we th-there?"

"Nearly" Louis hummed and clung to Harry.

"Louis? What's up?"

"We are"

"Not- why was you fidgety?"

"I fidget in my sleep"

"Lou, you started crying in your sleep"

Louis looked up at Harry with teary eyes from where he had just woken up. He then looked around and couldn't see Zayn anywhere "wheres Zayn?"

"He left"



"Right, yeah, sorry, he's in the toilet"

"I'm here. Did we find out what was wrong with Tommo?"


"You didn't come"


Harry looked between Louis and Zayn then it clicked as to what Louis was talking about. "You said you'll always come for me Zayn, but you didn't"

"I'm here now though"

"And I'm going to make you stay"

Zayn walked over to Louis and lifted Louis' legs up and sat down. He put Louis' legs back on his lap and turned to Louis "I wasn't planning on leaving."

Louis smiled and turned so he was sitting on Harry's lap and not across Harry and Zayn. "Good." He meant back so his head was rested on Harry's shoulder and Harry wrapped his arms around Louis "so how far are we?"

"'bout half an hour away"

"Can I go back sleep?"

"I don't think you'll have time Lou"

Louis tried his best to stay away even if it meant Harry had to tickle him everytime he closed his eyes. The had a talk about new music and came to a good agreement as to what would happen. Niall was just smiling the whole time watching Louis and Harry, he had his ship back, even if they weren't together he knew what was going to happen.

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