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Yes that's a PewDiePie reference^ if you dislike the fook off

The day after Louis had a banging head ache and walked out to get a drink. He jumped at the sight of Paul on the couch waking him up. "You alright?"

"Yeah, just got a head ache"

"Not surprised, have a tablet and breakfast then get changed. We're going shopping with the lads."

Once Louis was with the others he was tipsy as he snuck a drink when Paul wasn't looking. "Oi Oi!"

"Louis, I see your in a better mood"

"YuP, I guess I woke up better"

"I don't like happy you, be depressed again"

"I don't like you, yet here we are"

"Will you two stop, bickering and make up"

"Shut up Harry, you can't tell me what to fucking do, are we going or...?" Louis stepped towards the door and opened it only to be greated by flashing lights.

Paul pulleded Louis back into the building "Louis your drunk at fucking 8 in the morning. If you get pictures taken the label with freak out. Stay behind me and don't answer questions"

Louis being Louis did the opposite.

He stepped out first with his arms in the air. "Oi oi! Who wants a picture if perfection"

"Louis, is one direction back together?"

"What does it look like?"

"Louis, have you and Zayn made up?"

"Fuck no"

"Louis, are you drunk?"

"No, I'm just happy to be here" the lads walked close behind Louis as did Paul. They were happy he wasn't out of control. Until, he was.

"Louis, what sister do you think will go next?" WHO THE FUCK ASKS THAT Liam though along with oh shit he's going to flip.

He grabbed Louis arm hoping he didn't hear but Louis had stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to where the question has come from and walked over to them. He stopped at a good distance away.

"Why dont you shut your fucking mouth and mind your own fucking business. Don't bring up my fucking sister if you didn't know her. You can't bring her into it so keep her name out of your fucking vile mouth."

"Louis, we have to go" Louis followed Liam and turned back to the reporter.

"Have a good day, don't get killed"he said with a lively smile.

They spent the day shopping and Louis made Paul carry his bags.

Harry had convinced Paul to take them to Gucci and they were looking around. Louis was looking for a new suit to wear at awards.

He found a black suit. It looked beautiful and drew him in instantly. His juts, didn't want to try it on.

Harry saw Louis eyeing up the suit and walked over. He put his hand on Louis waist and stood behind him. "Try it on, I bet it'll look amazing"

Louis almost melted at the touch, he was drinks after all, and he rested his head on Harry's shoulder. "No"

"Why not"

"It'll look ugly"

"It won't"

"It will"

"Tell you what, if you try this on, I will buy and wear any outfit of your choice"

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