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The two ended up writing and recording songs and having a laugh with it all. They wrote songs about their break up, of the band and them, they wrote songs about the lads, they wrote songs about Louis' addiction, even if he said he wasn't addicted.

Harry kept to the "not again" and stayed the night in Louis' guest room. He said that if he stayed in Louis' room with him something would go wrong. He was obviously right, Louis got really worked up from just the thought of Harry sleeping with him and had a lOvElY NiGhT with his hand and his imagination. As did Harry.

The next morning Louis woke up to the annoying noice that was Liam's ring tone. He picked up the phone and groaned as he answered. "The fuck do you want"

"Missed you too lad"

"What do you want Payno"

"Is Harry there we've been to his house and he's not in"

"Ok, one why you looking for him and two why the fuck phone me! Phone him" Louis sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. He was in soft PJs, his favorite thing about winter.

"Ok, one we need both of you and we was coming to you last, and two he only answers to you and his mum so there would be no point."

"For fucks sake Payno, he's here. I think he's up I don't know." The silence on the other end of the phone was too long and Louis hated it.

" back together?"

"What! No! Why would it matter anyway"

"It wouldn't I'm just asking"

"No we're not, he came round because I wanted to be with someone."

"Oh. Ok. Anyway, as your together then, we're meeting in and hour at the O2. We have a concert."

Louis roles his eyes "I thought if we went to the O2 we'd be having a nice relaxed day."

Louis could feel Liam rolling his eyes through the phone "one hour hurry." He hung up the phone and Louis feel back onto the bed putting the pillow on his face.

He groaned and got out of bed. Luckily he was wearing warm PJs so he wasn't the cold. He looked in the mirror and saw his bed hair was bad. He was going to fix it when he remembered it was only Harry in so he didn't bother. He opened his door and was welcomed by the smell of a full English breakfast.

He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where he saw Harry. He was in his boxers only. Louis couldn't help but look at Harry's back muscles and his ass. It seemed as if Harry had gotten 10× bigger since they broke up.

He walked over to the counter and moved himself onto it. "You not cold?"

"You not hot?"

"Im not but you are"

Harry looked up at Louis. His blue eyes were watery from just waking up, his cheeks we a red colour, and his lips were puffy. The PJs he was wearing were making him look tiny because they were a little too big and go over his hands. He looked Harry dead in the eyes and Harry blurted out "you are hot!" He flipped the bacon over why looking at Louis and it spayed boiling water at him causing him to hiss "fuck".

Louis nearly fell of the counter laughing, if only Harry hadn't have moved fast to get in front of him to catch him. They both laughed and Louis rested his head on Harry's shoulder. "'m tired".

He leaned back up to face Harry and Harry moved his hair to one side. "You just got up". He looked at Louis in awe.

"Don't mean I cant be tired"

Louis watched Harry dish the food up and place it on the table. "Haz, we have like half an hour till we have to go to the O2"

"Best eat fast then"

Harry finished before Louis and washed his plate. He rummaged through the cupboards looking for something. When he found it he cheered and Louis nearly choked on his toast from laughing.

Once Louis had finished he brought his plate into the kitchen and washed it up. Harry had gotten changed by then. He was in one of his old hoddies that Louis had kept, and the biggest joggers he could find, also being his.

Louis got changed into a pair of joggers and a hoddie, that was actually Paul's. He took two shots of vodka and a line of cocaine and went back down stairs. He saw Harry playing with his dog in the garden. He lent on the door frame and watched them. "Having fun?"

"Your dogs fun"

"Takes after me" Louis winked and Harry laughed.

Harry walked over to Louis pressing him up to the door frame. He kisses his ear and whispered "I don't think I remember how fun you are"

Louis groaned and pushed his stomach toward Harry "as much as I would love to remind you Harry. I don't think we have time, unless you think 5 minutes is all you last"

"Hmm, maybe later" he kissed Louis' nose and went into the kitchen.

Louis followed and slipped on some addidas shoes. "Your driving".

Harry slipped on his shoes and grabbed his keys. "And your sleeping." He handed Louis a coffee cup with Yorkshire tea in it and they got in the car.

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