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Miss Zouis?

They got back to the hotel and went straight to their rooms. When Louis got back he had another 10 shots of vodka and a beer. How could he have miss judged the song? Fuck, has Zayn done more like that?  Did he blow thing about of proportion? He was beginning to feel guilty. Guilty of letting one of his closest friends down and letting them go. All because he was upset. He had to fix it.

He stubbled out of the room and walked to Zayns door. When he got there he feel onto the door and Zayn opened it just in time to catch him "Louis are you drunk?"


"Come in before you get hurt"

Louis knew that if Zayn hated him they only reason for him letting him in would to stop press seeing him. So when he seemed to care he was shocked.

"Here, drink some water" Zayn handed Louis a glass of water to which Louis turned down.

"I-if I wanted to be, be sober, I wouldn't have gotten drunk"

"Fair enough. So why was you out my room?"

"I, I" louis looked at the floor not to meet Zayns gaze and mubbled out a "I miss you"

Zayns face softened. He miss Louis too but Louis was drunk and he had to play it cool. "I've missed you too lad, drink some water and have a nap and we can talk about it when your sober yeah? Like the good ol' days"

"Like the good years"

That one comment gave Zayn all he needed to know as to why Louis was here. He tricked Louis into drinking some water and take a nap on the couch. And he went to tell Liam that they wouldn't make dinner at the restaurant as they were going to stay up there. They then decide to give the two some time to make up then they'll all go into Zayns room for dinner.

When Zayn saw Louis start to stir he spoke up "you got a head ache?"


"You came 'round here pissed off your nut, wanna tell me why?"

"No, not really"

"Ok, well, you gonna tell me why you came 'round?"

"I er, i"

"Miss me, I know, you said."

"Look Zayn I'm sor-"

"I miss you too"

"You do?"

"Of course, I just didn't want to be the one who broke. I guess I should have broke when you and Harry bro-"

"Please, don't"

"Ok I'm sorry"

They looked at each other's eyes just missing the comfort they gave one enother when they weren't arguing. They stayed like that, Zayn sitting by Louis feet why he layed in the sofa, stairing at each other's eyes. Until Louis moved up the sofa "so?"


"Best buds again?"



"If, you tell me why you were piss drunk 10 Minutes after we get back, and at 8 in the morning AND when we first met again"

"I don't really-"


"Ugh, ok, I, I started drinking when Fizzy-" the second Louis mentioned it the atmosphere when from calm, happy and comfortable. To depressed, stressed and uncomfortable. But Zayn had to stay.

"Oh, so, none stop or...?"

"It is now, none stop, but in the beginning it was slow"


"I dont-"

"Don't give me 'i don't know' Louis. I know you know and you know I know. Now please, I can't help if you don't let me"

"Fine. Drinking...helps"


"It helps get rid of the pain and failure. When Harry and I...you know, sure I was extremely sad to the point me and fucking Simon became friends-"

"Wait. WHAT!"

"Zayn, let me finish."

"Right yes sorry"

"So as I was saying, that left a mark. But, not long after my mum di-" Zayn brought Louis into a hug because he knew it would get emotional and he squeezed him tighter than before.

"I'm sorry fuckin' sorry I didn't say anything about that, and I'm sorry it happened"

"Zayn, let me finish then cry"

"I'm not letting go"

"Haha, ok. So yeah, when mum passed I got bad but I had Steve to keep me from going to the extreme."


"Yeah, then when Fizzy- I just lost it. The second that call ended I started drinking. It was every other day, now it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed, after bed, and even to cure my hangovers. I know it's bad, and I know I shouldn't be doing it. Zayn, please promise you won't tell anyone"

"Ok I won't, who knows"

"As far as I'm concerned, Liam, but I might have told other people why I was drunk"

"Ok, so me and Liam-"

"Oh and Paul"

"So, me, Liam and Paul know about your drinking problem, and Liam still brought you drinks?"

"He found out this morning, but he don't know the full story"

"Ok, I'm going to help you"

"Thanks Z"

Louis was still really tired, and before Zayn knew it Louis was asleep again.

It was about 22:30 so he didn't blame him, and he told the lads it would just be the four of them as Paul took Louis back to his bed.

Louis slept that night, sober. The only night he's be sober in over a year.

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