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I'm not obsessed with DLIBYH

Louis was sitting opposite Simon, balling his eyes out, Harry had just left him, "He left me Si. He said he loved me but he left me."

"Calm down Louis, don't let it kill you"

"I've lost everything"

"Lou, listen to me. He felt pressured, he couldn't see any other way." Louis cried, he couldn't stop. "Don't let it kill you, even when it hurts like hell, you can't let it break your heart"

"I gave so much to him"

"Life gets hard, everything messes up, things come, they go, life is a one way road it leads to something better, okay. You gave so much but it wasn't enough."

"He fucking left me"

"Whatever tears you apart you can't let it break your heart Louis."

That's all he heard, "don't let it break your heart", everyone telling him not to let it kill him, that life just gets messed up sometimes. For him to then give the same advice to his sisters.

"Don't let it break your heart Tommo"

"Lou Lou it'll be okay don't let it kill you"

"Tommo don't let this kill you"

"Please don't let it break your heart Lou"

"Lewis it's going to get better"

"You can make it, we can make it, please Lou Lou"

"It's just a hard time it'll go, I love you lad, don't let this kill you"

"Don't let it break your heart Tomlinson"

"I'm here for you Lewis, don't let it break your heart"

"You can't do this by yourself, Lou Lou, let me help you"

"Boo, life gets hard sometimes, and it gets messed up, when you give so much and it's not enough what you have to remember is not to let it kill you, you got that?"

"I got that"

"Now give mumma a hug yeah?"


Louis sat up right in Harry's bed pouring his eyes out. When he looked next to him Harry wasn't there, he wasn't in the room, Louis couldn't see him. He cried more, he was alone again.

He cried on Harry's bed, and when Harry came back up he ran and hugged Louis tight. "Shh Lou, what's wrong baby"

"I- I let it break my heart" he cried into Harry's shoulder, crying heavy, "they all told me not to, but I did"

If Harry was feeling guilty before, he was feeling even guiltier now.

He rubbed Louis' back trying to sooth his crying boyfriend. Whispering pet names and calming things into Louis' ear, until he stopped crying and looked up at Harry.

Harry looked back, blue eyes meeting green once again. The same feeling they both had the first time their eyes met, tingled in their stomachs again. They both missed that feeling, the feeling they were so used to is coming back. They were both distracted by each other. Harry was Louis' drug, a drug he hasn't taken in years.

Harry cleared his throat, after a 10 minutes silence of just looking each other in the eyes. "I'm sorry, blue, I'm so sorry" they never broke eye contact, absolutely locked on eachothers every movement.

"It's fine, your here now" Louis' vision started to turn black, he had the voices coming back. He broke the eye contact and looked at the bedside draw. "I... Need to go toilet quick"

"O..Kay, we have to knock down your 'toilet' time tho"

"Okay, but can I at least go now"

"Okay, but don't be too long we have to get to the boys."

"Right, that, erm, do we have to?"

"Blue, we have to, we have to go through new song ideas and talk to management about... Things."

"I'm not doing any PR, Si can fuck a cow"

Harry chuckled and looked at Louis, rubbing his arm softly, "I won't let you do PR boo, I remember how hard it was for you, don't want you to go through that again."

Louis smiled and walked over to the bathroom. He did his usual thing in there then came back out, happier than he was before going in. Harry hated that the only way for Louis to be happy was drugs, but he couldn't just quit straight away. That could kill him because his body is so used to it. But he could stop slowly and that's what Harry was going to make him do.

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