There's No One To Save Me

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Stack It Up is so fucking good!!!! Also this part is short.

When Louis got to his dressing room he made sure to lock the door. When the door was locked he fell onto the floor and cried. He looked up at the ceiling "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I failed mum, I've failed, you'll never be proud of me."

"Louis" there was that voice again. The voice in his head. It sounded evil. But a good evil. "I can ease the pain" he sat up and turned to his table that had a joint on it. "Just a little taste" he crawled over to the table. When he got there he heard another voice "babe." This voice didn't sound evil. It sounded more like Harry. Louis turned around to see if Harry was there but he wasn't. So he turned back to the table. "Louis no" there was another voice. His mum. "Baby don't do it" he had too many voices. He knew just one voice was bad. Now he's hearing his mum and Harry.

He picked up the joint. "Don't do it Lou" that voice. The voice he wishes he heard more. The voice of a young girl. A girl who was gone too soon. Felicity. "Please Louis don't" tears poured down his cheeks. He's heard her say those words before. The words she spoke when he was thinking about ending it. Him and Harry had broken up and his mum had just died. Felicity was there for him. "I love you Louis, don't make the mistake I made."

Louis throw the joint on the table and ran to the kitchen. "Ahhh ahhh ahh" that was the evil voice again. "Well done babe"

"Fuck off Harry!" Louis knew he was talking to himself. But he didn't want Harry's voice in his head.

He poured out a pint, or 5, of beer and drank. He drank and drank and drank. Until there was no room for voices. Until there was no room for regret, disappointment, hate, love, happiness, sadness. Until there was no room for anything. He was black out drunk.

Liam came knocking, or Louis thought it was Liam he was unsure, about 10 minutes after Louis blacked out. "Louis!" Nope it was Zayn, definitely Zayn. "Tommo! Get you fat ass out here now" or was it Harry? "Tomlinson!" Then Niall came bursting in.

Louis flung himself at Niall "I- knew it'd be you"


"Neva mind, we of?"

"Yeah, come on, let's go"

Louis followed Niall out of the door. "Wait, hang on, 'm gonna get somink." Louis stumbled back to this dressing room and put the joint in his bad with the pack of cocaine that he had. He picked the bad up and left with Niall.

"Tommo you drunk?"


"Fuck sake, ok, stay away from Harry"


"Because when your drunk your sexual and when your sexual so is Harry"

"OHHHhhhhH k" Niall just shock his head and took Louis to the tour bus.

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