I Need Somebody To Heal

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I'm going to TRY to lighten the mood before I destroy your heart's again

Louis and Bebe have just released their song Back To You and were recording the video for it.

They were currently at Louis' nans house getting ready. "Louis, can we get Sushi for lunch?"

"Ha, sushi in Doncaster?"

"What we eating then?"

"Fish and chips, if you have a problem take it up with Doncaster"

They had lunch then were about to start filming. When Louis' phone rang. "Louis?"


"Oh my god Louis. These lot are doing my nut in can you please save me"

"What are they doing?"

"Daisy and Phoebe are playing with Dori and Ern, and Fizzy is playing Minecraft and keeps screaming at the zombies"

"Haha, ok sure erm, I'll see what I can do, hang on"he hung up the call and went to find his producer. "Hay erm, I know it's a little short notice but could my sister Lottie come to the filming"



"Yes! We need another person to be in the scene where your in the pub"

"O..k, I'll call her" he diled back in her number and it didn't even ring before she answered.

"Can you?"

"Erm, yeah, you know the pub we usually go to, go there"


"Your going to be in the video"

"Oh my god! Ok"

After they had recorded the video Lottie, Louis and Bebe went out for the night to a club.

Everything was fine until a song that Louis and Harry would always dance to came on. Louis sunk in his seat and ordered another two shots for himself. It had been over a year and he couldn't get over Harry. He constantly checked his phone. Desperately awaiting someone to give Harry his new number. But no one ever did.

It was useless. He just needed someone. If Harry was with him it would be a lot easier to keep his promise to his mum. He didn't want to let her down. But he felt like ending his career and some times, when he's really low and alone, he thinks about ending it so he could see his mum sooner. But he never acted on it because he wanted his mum to see him and say "you kept your promise and had the best life you could" and he k ew if he ended everything she would be more like "what the fuck are you doing here so soon." And he didn't want that. He wanted her to be proud.

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