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Liam went out with the boys the day after the incident and stayed very clear of Harry. When any of the boys got too close to Louis Harry flipped out. Even if they had broken up, Liam didn't want to violate the bro code like Zayn did. Harry's less chill than Louis and definitely less forgiving. So, he stayed clear of him and any conversation including Louis. Which was hard considering Louis wasn't there and hiding away for the past week. They all became concerned.

Louis had stayed in his room, all week, in his hotel room, alone. Missing interviews, a meeting, a concert and a day in the studio. All week. No light. No people. No social media. No nothing. They were all very concerned. Especially Harry. "Who was the last to see him!"

"Erm, Liam was"

"Liam! Why isn't Lou with us!"

"Harry calm down"

"What if he's hurt! What happened when you last saw him! Is he ok!"

"I don't know Harry I've already told you this. We had a drink and had a laugh, nothing bad happened. I don't know why he's not with us" this was a lie. Liam's guess was that Louis didn't want it to be awkward.

"I'll go talk to him"

"Yes, Niall, thank you, at least someone will"

"Why don't you go Harry?"


"Ok, have fun you two"

"Bye Ni"

"Take me with you"


Niall walked into Louis' room and was instantly hit with the smell of alcohol, weed and bo. There was empty bottles of vodka, beer, wine, tequila and whiskey all over the floor. Empty packets of...something, Niall couldn't figure it out. When Niall found Louis he was sitting on his bed surrounded by beer bottles and vodka. He was holding a half empty bottle of vodka in one hand and a joint in the other. He had a white power on his desk table and was watching Stranger Things? He had lost so much weight since Niall last saw him, a week ago, and his eyes were deary, his hair was a mess and he looked tired, not tired as in he needs sleep, tired as in he's been awake all week. He looked awful, and that's saying a lot as it's Louis.


Nialls voice startled Louis but when he was it was only Niall he put his joint out and out the bottle down and ran over to the Irish man standing in his door way. "NIALL" Louis throw his arms over Niall into a big hug then let go as if he saw something behind Niall.

"Louis, lad everyone's worried"

He walked out into the living area of his hotel room. "Oh what do they care"

Niall turned to face Louis, he was an absolute mess "they care a lot"

"Ni, no they don't, if, Zayn would have come in to talk, Liam wouldn't have just left and Harry- Harry wouldn't have left me" he looked as if he was looking for something but gave up after a few seconds.

"What do you mean Liam wouldn't have left? What happened?"


"That's what he keeps saying"

"If we both- both say nothing then- then nothing happened"

"You high?"

"Ni, I just had a joint in my hand"

"Fair enough"

Louis sat back on his bed and drank down the rest of the vodka. "So...what do you want"

"To know your ok, and your not. What's going on?"

"My life"

"...your life's going on"

"Yes. My life. My life is shit."

"No it's not-"

"Yes, it is. Harry left me, Zayn left me, my mum left me, my sister left me, Liam left me-"

"Ok what happened with Lilo!"

"We just, had a chat, and he left. It doesn't matter" Louis got up from his bed and went over to his desk. He pored out the powder. He lined it up and it then clicked into Nialls head what it was. When Louis lifted his head he had a huge smile on his face "all that matters is I'm ok"

"Your not though!"

"Niall, I- I am, im- I'm ok"

Niall said nothing. He just walked out of the room. Louis shrugged and looked at the TV "wow this is shit" and changed over.

Niall walked like and angry 5 year old down the hall and back to the others. "How is h-" he grabbed Harry by the ear and took him to Louis' room without talking.

"Go in! And fix what you broke!"

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