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I'm gonna go through all of the ships with Louis so deal with, the titles are shit wbk

I promise I ship Larry

Louis came out of the bathroom and Zayn wasn't their. Zayn had left a note on the couch.


I've gone out wit' Harreh and Nail. Won't be too long I don't think, we've gone to get some good food bc the food here is shit!! Liam said he'd be round soon ok so keep your clothes on.

Zayn xx

P.s: no alcohol, so I'm getting some, looking out for ya lad x

All Louis could think was, twat. And just like the note had said, Liam was knocking on the door not a minute later. "Louis?"


"Who else?"



"Wanna come in by any chance?"

"Why else would I be knocking?"

"What's in it for me?"

"I have vodka, weed, and chocolate"

Louis opened the door and let Liam in "why didn't you say earlier?"

"Niall would have eaten it"

"Fair enough"

Liam walked out into the kitchen and got 2 glasses "any coke?"

"We, I think so, in the fridge" Louis went into his room and sat on his bed. When Liam came back out into the living area he heard Louis shout through "in my room dipshit" Liam shook his head and headed to Louis' room.

The both sat in the middle of Louis' bed just chilling. Liam poured the vodka into a glass with some coke so it wasn't too strong. The both drunk their drinks slow. They are the chocolate. Then Liam rolled the joints "so..what happened today, I heard you talking with Zarry"

They always shortened the names and used bromance names when referring to two members, but Everytime Louis heard Zarry, Narry, or Lirry, it hurt "erm, I- nothing"

"Louis don't ballshit me"

"Ugh, fine, I had an anxiety attack thing"



Liam handed Louis the joint and Louis took a drag from it and passed it back "so, why do you think it was cause by?"

"I don't know to be honest, I mean, I could be because it was my first performance h- never mind"

"Louis, tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone, this is a safe space, what ever happens in here stays in here"

Louis giggled "this isn't Vagus"

"Same thing, your room is Vagus"

"Ugh, I-" Louis took another two drags from the joint and handed it back "I've been using cocaine for the past two days"

Liam chocked on the smoke he just took in and gave the joint back to Louis "you've what"

Louis took another couple of drags from the joint and handed it back "I've been using cocaine, I'm not addicted"

"Sure Jan"


"I heard it on Twitter, I think it's saying I don't believe you"

"Oh, well I'm not"

"Not yet your not"

"Let's stop talking about this depressing shit, what should we do?"

"We can't do much, we're high and tipsy"

"Tipsy high is the best type of high" Liam looked at Louis and shook his head laughing.

They ended up dancing to random music on Zayns playlist on Louis' bed. Louis fell over a couple of times and because Liam laughed he pushed him off the bed. Liam climes back on and Louis was laying down laughing. Liam's face was above Louis' and Louis breath hinched. Liam looked into Louis' deep blue eyes and could finally see what Harry was talking about. They looked like the ocean. The we're so calming and they just felt like home. Liam's hands were each side of Louis' face and Louis gulped. Liam was so masculine. His arms were so fucking big. Liam moved his eyes from Louis' and looked at his lips. The looked so soft he wanted to know how they tasted, but, he couldn't, one they were both high as fuck two because he would be breaking bro code with Harry and three because it would make things mega awkward in the band. "Er, I erm, I should go"

Louis nodded and help his breath. He need to be polite and show Liam out but he was really hard. As was Liam. They both trued not to look and walked through the rooms. Liam needed to get out of there as soon as possible. But with Louis walking in front of him to open the door, he couldn't help but look at his ass. And fuck was it big. Louis got to the door and opened it for Liam. And Liam left.

Both the boys had a wank that night over each other. Louis imagined Liam pounding into him, that was new. Liam imagined what Louis would look like all sweaty underneath him, he knew how Louis sounded and just changed Harry's name to his, he felt so bad but so good.

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