I'm Going Under

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Oh no Liam

Louis got smashed that night and knocked out on his hotel bathroom floor. He don't remember having to walk home with Harry, only that he brought him a unicorn onzey and was going to wear it. He don't remember telling Harry about his drinking problem, and Harry's wasn't going to remind him.

Harry walked into Louis' hotel room and found him throwing up in the toilet.

He walked over to him and rested his hand on his shoulder "you alright Lou?"

"I'm throwing up at 7 in the morning"

"So. Not." Louis looked up at Harry and gave him a weak smile to then be forced back to the toilet by his bowls. Harry patted his back and placed himself on the edge of the bath "you sure your up for today?"

"I don't really have a choice"

"True. When we're in the car I'm going to sit with you, you sit near the window, and tell me if you feel like this then yeah"

"I won't Harry, it'll go soon. Stop acting like you give a shit."

This hit Harry hard. He's not stopped giving a shit. That's all he's done. But, he had to see it from Louis' point of view. He left him to make it "easier" so obviously he would think that. Harry brain kept telling him this, but his mouth didn't listen "what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"You. Don't. Give. A. Shit. Do you want me to fucking spell it ou-" Louis was cut off by his stomach once again.

"I do give a shit. I broke up with you to make it easier for you"

"How the fuck does that work Harry!"

"If we were together during the hiatus then it would have been easier becau-"

"NO IT FUCKING WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN! It would have been easier if you fucking stayed!"

"No Lou it wouldn-"



"Piss off Harry. I would rather throw up my lungs than sit here and listen to you say things you don't know about or mean"

"Lou i-"

"Louis, and piss off I don't give a shit anymore"

"LouIs im-"

"Too late. If you did this in 2016 I would have listened. But, it's too late now"

Harry got up and left hesitantly, he didn't want to leave a hungover Louis alone. So, he went to get Liam.


"Harry? Whats-"

"C-can you go to l-louis' room"


"He's hungover and throwing up. I've just been in there but he told me to "piss off""

"Ok I'll go in"

Liam walked into Louis' room to see him slumped over the toilet the same way he was when Harry was there. This time though, he was crying more than he was being sick. "Louis?"

Louis' face turned to Liam and he gave him a weak smile "hay"

"You look fucking awful"

"That bad?"

"It's fine though, we can fix you up"

Louis wanted to smile but he couldn't. He couldn't convince his brain to do it "when do we leave?"

"You still up to that?"

"Yeah, erm, c-can you sit next to me?"

"Of course"

Louis got up and headed into the kitchen and reached for a bottle of vodka. "W-what do you think your doing?"

"Best hangover cure, I'll only have one or two"

"Tell you what, you have two I have two"


Liam ended up having 4 shots and Louis had about 10.

They went out to meet the others and they were both out of their heads.

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