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Again sorry it's so short (like Louis)

"so boys, your back! Finally, I thought I would have to tie you together and make you come back myself, lucky we didn't have to go that far ah H" James winked at Harry who was the furthest away from him.

"I think, erm, if you did that James, then you'd regret it"

"I really, and why's that Harry"

"You just would"

"Are you challenging me, H?"

"Don't make me do tattoo roulette" Niall was next to Harry so he clung to his arm begging not to do it.

"Don't worry Ni, if we do that it'll just be Harry, Lou, Li, Me and Z, don't wanna give poor Ni Ni a heart attack"

"Poor Ni Ni can handle it" Louis was closest to James. If Niall could survive it once he can again.

"Does Louis want a new tattoo"

"James, if you design the tattoo I'll get it done, it'll just be another stupid one"

"I'll make it completely meaningless"

"It'll fit in then because none if them have a meaning" this pissed Harry off. Harry scrunched his nose and looked at Louis. He couldn't say anything because they were being recorded. But he could do this.

"Well if you design a group tatt then we can have our first matching tattoo" too far?

Louis thought so. It was Harry's idea for matching tattoos. "Actually, we have screw tattoos" Liam spoke up befor Louis could knowing it would cause an argument. Liam was next to Louis and Zayn sat in the middle.

"Ok, off the topic of tattoos. Louis, last time you was here you didn't want to do something. You ballsy enough to do it this time?"

Louis knew what James was talking about. All the boys, but Harry, did. Liam shock his head, Zayn laughed and Niall practically died on the spot. Harry had no idea what was going on. "I'm not sure James"

"Aw, c'mon what could go wrong"

"You could get hard"

"Other than that"

Louis shrugged and stood up. He went to James and was about to sit on his lap when he put his hands out "nah nah, I ain't-"

"Aw, c'mon" James stood up and grabbed Louis, loosely.

"Ugh, fuck it"

James sat back down with his arms out. Louis sat on James's lap and put his arm around him. "Cat Louis, cat, and remember, it don't talk." Louis roles his eyes and put his hands up like a cat.

Harry gave James a look that could kill. He was pissed Louis did it, but more pissed that James suggested it.

"Now, Niall, let's see if your still qualified to be bond"

Louis smirked at Harry. He knew Harry was jealous, and he wanted Harry to be. Harry ended it and Harry is the one who will regret it.

James turned the chair around and Niall sat up straight. "Ahh, I've been expecting you" Louis stayed silent this time and started playing with James's hair.

"My name's Bond, Niall Bond" Niall did a better impression this time that he did last time. Making Louis think he's practiced.

"Amazing! Niall is still Bond" everyone cheered as Louis got off of James's lap and sat back next to Liam. "So boys, we're going to have a break, then your back for a song, and your here all week aren't you..."

"Yes, James we are"

"...good, so, we'll see you after the break. Where we'll have a special performance of Ready To Run but one direCTION!"

The lights went off and the lads went back stage.

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